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LA PLATA, Md. — The Town of La Plata has been working with Keystone Utility Systems to complete mandatory water meter upgrades to many homes and businesses throughout the town since August of 2021.

We’d like to thank those who responded quickly to our initial correspondence concerning this matter. We absolutely appreciate your cooperation. Unfortunately, there is still a large number of Town meters still in need of this mandatory equipment upgrade.

Why the urgency? By the end of February 2022, the Town’s 3G network collectors will become obsolete and no longer function. For those still in need of the upgrade – we will no longer be able to accurately read the amount of water flowing through your meter, and will be forced to estimate your quarterly usage for billing.

This is not a viable solution for our home/business owners or for the Town of La Plata. If you have not yet scheduled your appointment to have this necessary upgrade, we urge you to do so at your earliest convenience.

Please call Keystone Utility Systems at 877-587-2279 or Town of La Plata Department of Public Works at 301-934-8421.

A third and final letter will be coming out soon as follow up to this announcement. As always, we thank you for your cooperation and appreciate your prompt response.

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  1. Also upgrade the electronic meter reading equipment. In particular, increase the range of the reading equipment by improving the antennas, perhaps with a YAGI antenna. Less hours spent walking over the yard to get close enough to the house/water meter.

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