Lexington Park Basketball Event Held In Honor Of Syncere Smith

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. – At just 16 years old, Syncere Kovey Smith had a long life ahead of him. However, that all came to an end after he was killed during a shooting at the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department Carnival back on July 15.

Syncere’s main passion was basketball, his next big goal was to go on to play in college and then one day hopefully make it to the NBA.

One of the many things that his teammates and coaches all remember about Syncere, was his drive and determination.

Lexington Park Basketball Event Held In Honor Of Syncere Smith

“His passion and heart,” is what Head Coach Casey Wilkerson will remember Syncere for the most.

“He wanted to go to college and play basketball, and we were gonna work. This whole month we were training and going to college showcases so he could get seen. We were making highlight videos and everything for him…He loved everyone around him, he had a huge impact on me and a huge impact on the team.”

Syncere played for the Pax River World Ballers AAU team. He mainly played the Small and Power Forward positions. Coach Wilkerson described him as an all-around player who would do whatever she asked of him.

The Pax River World Ballers are a brand new team formed just this year. Coach Wilkerson only coached Syncere for roughly five months, but she says those five months “felt like a lifetime.”

Lexington Park Basketball Event Held In Honor Of Syncere Smith

Coach Wilkerson wanted to do something special for Syncere’s family, which consists of his mother and five siblings.

So she decided to put together a basketball event at Willow’s Recreation Center where players from his AAU team and anyone who wanted to play in his honor could come out and ball.

Lexington Park Basketball Event Held In Honor Of Syncere Smith

The evening consisted of many pickup games such as Knock Out, King of the Court, and a 3v3 tournament. Later on in the evening, they also held a candle lighting ceremony and a prayer.

All proceeds from this event went to Syncere’s family.

This event was about celebrating Syncere Smith and remembering how much he meant to everyone he knew.

It was even more special that his friends, family, and teammates could remember him by playing the game he loved and shared with so many.

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    1. I can see you have really been following this story, if you look at the Hollywood article or listen to the News you would know who shot him.

  1. Why does this matter? A young man life was cut short by nothing he did except being in the wrong place at the wrong time by someone who had a gun and shot without regarding who would get hurt. The perpetrator is now in jail and hopefully he’ll spend the rest of his life there for such a senseless killing.

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