Devron Ny’Quez Murray
Devron Ny’Quez Murray
Devron Ny’Quez Murray

HOLLYWOOD, Md. — The following information comes from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office. No mugshot has been provided by police at this time, but is expected to be release by them in the future according to the SMCSO Public Information Officer:

A 19-year-old Lexington Park man has been arrested and charged by the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office in a fatal shooting at the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department’s annual carnival on Friday evening.

Devron Ny’Quez Murray, age 19 of Lexington Park, has been charged with First-Degree Murder; Second-Degree Murder; First-Degree Attempted Murder; Second-Degree Attempted Murder and two counts of First-Degree Assault. Murray is being held at the St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Center in Leonardtown.

On July 15, 2022, multiple Sheriff’s Office deputies and other public safety personnel were already in attendance at the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department at 24801 Three Notch Road in Hollywood. At 10:57 pm, several gunshots were heard coming from the carnival’s parking lot and deputies and public safety personnel immediately responded.

A 16-year-old male victim, Syncere Kovey Smith, was found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Smith was transported to MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital in Leonardtown where he later succumbed to his injuries. Another man was struck by a bullet in the leg and was air transported to an area trauma center.

Numerous witnesses provided a description of the shooter who was located nearby in a matter of minutes at the Birdie’s gas station in Hollywood.

A search of the area located a 9mm handgun. Murray is prohibited from possessing a handgun because of his age.

Preliminary investigation determined that this was not a random act. The incident stems from an ongoing dispute between two known rival groups of youth offenders.

Anyone with additional information about this incident is asked to call Detective First Class Tyler Payne at 301-475-4200, ext. 78010 or email

In a collaborative effort with the community and Serenity Place, LLC, the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office announces that free mental health and counseling services will be available on Sunday, July 17, 2022, at the Hollywood Volunteer Rescue Squad from 10 am to 2 pm.

UPDATE – Late last night, it was confirmed that the patient who was transported to a nearby hospital was pronounced deceased. The victim has not been identified at this time.

No further details about the condition of the other patients has been confirmed yet. A suspect was later later brought into custody by police, and one firearm was recovered.

The suspect has been identified as Devron Murray, 19 of Lexington Park. Murray has been charged with murder and attempted murder.

The incident is currently under investigation by police.

In addition, the St. Mary’s County Commissioners released the following statement about the shooting:

“The Commissioners of St. Mary’s County wish to extend their sincere condolences to the victims, families, and witnesses of Friday night’s shooting at the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department Carnival.

“To the victims’ families, we express our sorrow and promise to stand with you in the coming days. To those who were at the carnival and witnessed the terrible events, our hearts go out to you,” Commissioner President Randy Guy said.

We will pray for comfort for you and our entire community this time. We will also stand with the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office and all law enforcement members to ensure full justice is brought to bear. This is a difficult time, and we know there will be more difficult days ahead; as a community, we will navigate through this with compassion and determination.””

We will continue to provide additional details as they are made available.

HOLLYWOOD, Md. – On July 15, 2022, at approximately 11 p.m., a shooting was reported at the Hollywood carnival grounds located at the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department.

After shots were fired, fire department personnel were instructed to evacuate the scene immediately.

Crews discovered two victims who were reportedly shot including a young adult male, approximately 20 years old. One member of the fire department also sustained injuries, however, they later signed a refusal for additional medical assistance. There were reportedly 4 patients in total.

One patient received cpr while being transported to St. Mary’s Hospital, with another transported to a trauma center via Trooper 7.

Maryland State Police Trooper 7 requested a shut down of Three Notch Road from Rescue Lane to Hollywood Road for medevacs.

The Birdies Convenience store was also shut down, which was also related to the incident.

No suspect has been apprehended at this time.

This is an ongoing situation, we will continue to provide updates as they become available.

Contact our news desk at 

Devron Ny’Quez Murray
Charges pending for Devron Ny’Quez Murray

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  1. How disgusting!! I don’t even want to live in this county anymore…. Do people have nothing better to do in life then to try to kill other human beings? Complete Trash!!!!

          1. Correct, I say move to many people here anyway take the trash with ya. I’m not moving from this perfect place. I do however want the fields to stop producing (Crime Huts) Condos. The fields used to produce tobacco and grain. Now it only produces Condos and Crime. You cant say anything to anyone WHY!! because its offensive, BUT I Guess MURDER isn’t offensive.. ST Mary’s is allowing the trash to move in. WE already have Lexington Park…. Can someone tell me WHY ? WHY does 80% of the crime come from Lexington Park WHY ????????

        1. The entire country not just the state. Meanwhile “both” sides sitting up on Capitol Hill can’t get it right.

    1. My babies were there with their dad and aunts and sisters and brothers and cousins ages range from 2-14 i have officially feared the worst phone call my daughters father ever gave me but lucky my babies and nieces and nephews and second family members made it out of there safe and home they are a little shook being as I just dealt with my house being shot up in Charlotte hall three almost 4 years ago and my daughter having ptsd from it!! This is so sick!!!

      1. So sorry to hear about what you and your family went through. That really makes me angry.

        Sending all of you my love and my prayers. Lock these shooters up too.

    2. I’ve got my house up for sale currently, soon as it sells I’m out of here! Maryland is too expensive, and has too high of a crime rate! I can’t wait to leave

  2. It’s not the county, it is the culture that has beset this country. This is a great country to live in no matter what happened tonight.

      1. Its what happens with no knowledge of history and No Accountability. Start putting Murderer’s to death, and see a change!

  3. I am so disappointed in what st.Mary’s has come to. And for whoever to do this at an event where there is kids and family is just disgusting I’m glad I left before this happened especially with my family being there as well. Think about how some of those kids will now be traumatized and have to live with this for the rest of their lives. Next time take your drama and childishness somewhere else handle your things on your own time not at a public event. Prayers to whoever was shot/injured

  4. First time in two years and we can’t even have a damn carnival with out people being ignorant!! Wtf no one is going to want to go anywhere any more without the the fear of something tragic happening or fearing for their lives! It’s ridiculous !

    1. Honey that has always been the case. We have a drug and gang problem in st Mary’s and Calvert Co. Rape and child abuse also. It’s past time that county gov’t and law enforcement admitted it and do something about it. Our police officers are doing their best but we need better resources. Our officers need help.

      1. Hearing people throat officers as a solution to this problem helps confirm to me this problem will not get any better and people will continue to parrot their thoughtless ideas. You’re concerned, but you’re not even concerned enough to think beyond “leave it to the sharif,” and “it’s the devils work.”

    2. Devil is alive & active everyday & everywhere — causing more & more mental illness in each & every country, state, county, city & town. Circumstances like last night affect us all—my prayers are lifted for all bystanders, witnesses, responding fire fighters, medics, police, victims, shooter & each of their families & friends! Many in our community are mourning on all sides—there is NO one spared from this tragedy, NO winners & NO stronger gang over the other because of it! Just another community in the United States of America left filled with unanswered questions, new or additional mental illness, emptiness, fear, loss, pain & TWO Families on each side left with a new empty chair at their future family gatherings! Tell your family & friends they matter & you love them everyday & night …because NONE OF US know who will or won’t come back home at the end of the day (to be given another chance to tell them)! Prayers to All

  5. People like this are the reason the govt wants to take away the 2nd amendment. They will do it by creating law after law until that right is taken from us. It’s a shame. We won’t be able to legally protect ourselves one day because of idiots like this. Thanks a lot guy! Not to mention at the freaking carnival full of little babies. Complete phsycho!!! Prayers for everyone involved.

    1. Not psycho, just plain evil and for that there isn’t a cure. He lacks a conscience. Gangs are the issue and something must be done about it. I grew up in N. Little Rock, AR. In the late 80’s the city was over run with gang violence. They had at least one death per day. There is a documentary about it. A coroner went into the community to try and stop the violence. He eventually gave up and quit his position. At that point the mayor came down hard on gang activity. No second chances. Anyone caught in gang activity got the max sentence. Harsh but so is burying a child on a daily basis. It worked to rid the city of the problem. These were families who moved out of LA and Chicago to get their kids away from gangs. All they did was bring it with them. We have to be tough on gang activity.

  6. The sheriff lied to the people at the carnival and said someone has been arrested. This is outrageous.

    1. Someone was arrested, idiot. They didn’t lie. It’s under investigation so not everything is released within an hour, clown.

    2. I saw him being arrested within minutes after the shooting so it was not a lie. My son was at the carnival so I kno when it happened and I saw the guy in handcuffs afterwards

    1. Its NOT the gun laws that’s the root of the issue….its lack of morals and boundaries, and our biggest issue in this country is mental illness. We wait until people have to die before any action is ever taken. Not necessarily this case, this issue is just young people getting ahold of guns and everyone feeling entitled, egos are nuts with people nowadays everyone wants to act like tough guys and none of them have any respect for anyone. I’m just grateful I grew up when I did, with friends whose families still had that instilled in them, where if you had a problem that couldn’t be fix you end up fighting with fists, and within a day or 2 we were all back friends again and noone got hurt.

      1. Ok…so can back to your childhood when things were settled with fists…and put a gun in every combatants hand…what do you think would have happened?

        1. Why are you here? I see you have told on me again, you pathetic excuse for a human being

      2. Anyway….. this country has a gun problem. 2nd amendment was written for black powder muskets ya dopes 🙃

        1. And freedom of speech was w when you stood in the public square – not hiding behind your keyboard on the Internet.

        2. This is a very good point. The Second Amendment is so people can form a community militia. This kid wasn’t part of any militia.

        3. You Anonymous need some schooling and some history lessons. Americans fighting the English for Indapendance, both had & used the most advanced weapons of the time! Thats what made it an Even fight at the time. The fight today if there was one would be totally Uneven, the AR-15 which looks like a military weapon is far far from it. To start with a military asault weapon is fully capable of full automatic fire. For you people unfamiliare with weapons, that means one pull on the trigger can fully empty a magazine with thirty, fifty, or 100 bullits! No civilian without a special licence is allowed an asault weapon. PLEASE PEOPLE Educate yourselves before speaking out your other end!

    2. No it has a thug problem. They get arrested and are turned right back out so they can screw up again. There are many guns that have never jumped out and shot anyone. The law-abiding citizens are not the problem. They also need to protect themselves.

      1. As guns can only be sold by or to “law abiding citizens”, please explain how “thugs” can get guns?

      2. Truth, I myself think a big part of the thug problems are because of high definition shoot em up video games and Hollywood movies. Nikko I’ve had my guns for Fifty years and they’ve never shot anyone!!!!

    3. No dummy, this country has a parenting problem! Maryland has some of the worst, most restrictive gun laws around. What fools like you are way too dense to admit is that the “bad guys” will always get guns somehow so STHU and stop being ignorant!
      I’ve owned my guns for 50 years and NOT ONE OF THEM has ever gotten up and shot someone!
      We have a DEMOCRAT VOTER problem! You dummies in Maryland that keep voting for UNCONSTITUTIONAL politicians are the problem!
      Just wait, though. Maryland has lost the battle for more gun restrictions. Once thousands more Patriots begin to arm themselves, you’ll see a BIG drop in crime down here.

      1. Please explain how we don’t have a gun problem if, as you rightly claim, it is too easy for “bad guys” to get a gun?

        1. There isn’t a gun problem, there is a mental problem, much like yourself, you are mentally incapable of saying anything correct
          Why do you even care? Seriously? Why? You don’t care about the children of the Texas incident, why do you care now? Why even comment?
          Get out of here you pile of garbage

        2. “ Please explain how we don’t have a gun problem if, as you rightly claim, it is too easy for “bad guys” to get a gun?”


          Can you post any evidence (you always try so hard but always end up failing miserably) of a gun forcing someone to steal it?

      2. If your right, then the answer would be to make sure at tonight’s carnival that all legal gun owners come armed to teeth!

        1. Congrats for being an NRA mouthpiece. Please explain how MORE guns solve the problem of too many guns?

      3. Criminals usually don’t affiliate with politics, just crimes. There was crime before democrats just as there was crime before republicans.
        Blaming it on one political party does no one any good.

      4. Yes it’s good that you never shot anyone and yes you have a right to own guns. But I have watched your posts for a long time and you post racist comments that show you not to be a conservative but a fool.

      5. The ‘patriots’ you speak of are exactly the people I’m worried about having guns; that will only serve to prime the powderkeg. However, you’re not wrong when you say more restrictions won’t get the guns out of the criminals’ hands. Criminals are just that, they don’t care about the law. But calling for vigilante justice make YOU the criminal. You’re not dumb, but you’re not as smart as you think you are. And you’re definitely racist… we all are to a certain degree. Being aware of that is what the ‘woke’ want. If you truly want a better world, look at your own actions instead of the actions of others. One you can change and the other you cannot.

  7. It’s not just here it’s the whole state. I was born and grew up here I’m 73 years old I’m getting ready to leave the state. It’s not getting any better F46

    1. Prey tell where will you move? Florida is virtually tied with Maryland for violent crime. Texas, worse. At 73 the probability of you encountering violent crime is negligible. People move for many reasons, moving to escape crime is a fools errand.

  8. Folks , we are overrun with white collar crime ( yes every one of our committees, boards , elected politicians etc ) are corrupt , the violent crime is just the result of that ! Please look behind the scenes of our candidates to represent us. I have and it’s “ not good”

  9. Who would do this? Who demonstrates this behavior daily? We all know. No description or photos needed. Thanks joe. Unity. Safety. Recession. Gas prices. Hungry babies. Empty shelves. Thanks for transforming this one time beloved super power to a third world nation.

  10. People complain there is nothing to do here. Those VOLUNTEER firefighter and all of the other volunteers who take time out if their lives making sure rides are running and safe, cooking food, setting up games, to all of the behind the scene things we don’t even know about– all to make sure people a fun event. It is a shame that a few people would ruin that for the county. It is disrespectful to everyone who gave up their time and to everyone who attends. Growing up here I can remember the best part of summers were going to ALL of the carnivals at the firehouses here. Hollywood and Ridge are the only ones left. It saddens me that kids will not have those kind of happy memories now because people cannot control themselves and do better! And let’s not forget the carnival is a source of revenue to help maintain Hollywood Fire Dept in keeping that district safe.

  11. 🤔 if only MD allowed conceal or Constitutional carry. It is time that law abiding citizens have their Constitutional rights to protect themselves.

    1. You do realize that exists in MD, right? They just revoked the “good reason” BS, so now we can all get CC?

  12. 2A All The Way! Can’t take our guns and not gonna let the libs limit the guns or where we can carry guns or who can have a gun! YEEHAW!!

  13. I’m confident our LEO’s will apprehended the low life , coward that did the shooting .

  14. Well you can always move to Charles Country go to one of there carnivals and see how you do.

  15. This county has been rapidly declining! It’s not safe to live here anymore. Even the business owners know it’s time to sell and cut their losses. As you can see Millison is selling off their properties. As well as a once thriving Great Mills Rd. Is now looking like a ghost town. As all businesses pull out and seek safer locations elsewhere!
    The future is abandoned properties and boarded up buldings. Welcome to LP City the Ghetto!

  16. With the thugs running around with stolen guns and illegally purchased guns, the decent people in the country do not stand a chance if they do not arm themselves for their own protection.

    1. Most Americans, including the majority of the good citizens of St. Mary’s own guns. Now that didn’t stop this shooting did it?

      The majority are already armed, so obviously that is not the solution.

      No you need red flag laws to catch unstable people early and you need to lock up violent offenders. And there is a “crime culture” as has been mentioned elsewhere, that has come into the county and efforts need to be made to interfere with that and shut it down.

      I believe in gun rights but there are too many crybabies who won’t allow the police to do gun sweeps that would eliminate a lot of illegal street guns.

      This actually was working well in New York City under Mayor Bloomberg but crybabies on the Left and crybabies on the Right put a stop to it.

      And the murder rate went way up after they stopped those gun sweeps.

      The crybabies on the Left cried discrimination when the largest number of shooting victims are Black people, as was this poor 16 year old St. Mary’s kid last night. He was a son of the county, he was the son of of all of us as you can see by peoples reactions here.

      And the crybabies on the Right screamed that the 2nd Amendment was being violated in NYC due to the gun sweeps, which was nonsense because all that was confiscated were unregistered illegal guns plus any gun in the possession of an underaged kid or a convicted felon. The sweeps did not take a single gun from a legal gun owner. But they caused the murder rate to drop.

      Sweeps were done in problem areas, not everywhere. They protected people too. Until the crybabies put a stop to it and took the protection away.

      1. Well put, except the first comment. A minority of Americans, not a majority own guns legally and all of the US’ gun crime/gun violence stems from this minority. Legal owners and legal sellers are the only original source for all the guns held illegally and used to commit crimes/acts of violence. The same crimes and acts of violence that the gun nutter crowd ACTS and CLAIMS to be sooooo appalled about.

  17. In case you haven’t noticed yet, this situation is being replayed all around the country, not just here.

  18. It’s really sad that u can’t take the kids out for a night of fun without something like this happening ,smh..

  19. This is why I don’t go anywhere anymore. I use to love the Carnival, meet friends, kids had fun with games & rides. Might as well shut it down now, no one is going to feel safe going the next couple of weeks.

  20. It’s not just this county. It’s the entire country. Those screaming about concealed carry are comical. “Good guys with guns” has proven time and time again to be an absolute fantasy. Just watch the 77 minutes of footage from inside Robb Elementary. Gun culture in this country is out of control.

    1. Yeah, reading how these people think they’ll be able to tell and communicate with 50 other armed people when 1 person shoots… I think we’ve seen before how that turns out in other states. Complete chaos ensues when everyone just shoots at another guy with a gun and no one knows who shot first. It’s just such a joke at this point. I’m fine with people owning guns for sport/property. However, I’d say there needs to be MUCH stricter gun policy. When a bunch of somd rednecks all pull guns out at the first shot, I do not want to be there.

        1. Debunked again! Now explain why law abiding citizens carrying firearms is bad, I’ll wait

  21. Its NOT the gun laws that’s the root of the issue….its lack of morals and boundaries, and our biggest issue in this country is mental illness. We wait until people have to die before any action is ever taken. Not necessarily this case, this issue is just young people getting ahold of guns and everyone feeling entitled, egos are nuts with people nowadays everyone wants to act like tough guys and none of them have any respect for anyone. I’m just grateful I grew up when I did, with friends whose families still had that instilled in them, where if you had a problem that couldn’t be fix you end up fighting with fists, and within a day or 2 we were all back friends again and noone got hurt.

  22. The county is not to blame or responsible for human beings poor decisions or actions it happens my prayers for everyone 🙏

  23. Hmmm… two known rival youth groups? Can’t call it gang activity??
    2 ABORTIONS that should have happened 19 and 16 years ago..

    1. Being as the 16 year old-someone’s child lost his life and his family could be reading these comments this was completely unnecessary and disgusting.

    2. You should be careful what you say as karma is real that 16 year old was employed a good student and on his way to college.

  24. St Mary’s was the last safe haven in SO MD. It’s now succumbed to the unfortunate “Trash” that’s taking over the rest of this country. I shouldn’t have to pay to house & feed this scum bag in jail. Put him on a flight, strap a parachute to him & drop him over a 3rd world country. He doesn’t deserve to be here! Seems ideal but… the Biden Administration will just allow him to walk back into this country through the open border.

  25. The problem is with the parents and county judges. The parents don’t want to take the time to teach their kids that there is consequences for their actions, won’t discipline them and it’s everyone else’s fault their kids are bad. County judges need to stop giving slaps on the wrist and letting the criminals go. Makes it hard for the sheriffs office to do their job, when they are constantly arresting the same ones over and over again

  26. This is past old! Can’t even take your children anywhere and be safe anymore! Disgusting! I am disgusted to even say I was born and half raised here anymore! This is what video games, tv, and bad parenting is teaching our children!

  27. I wonder if this was a prior offender that was let off by our current State’s Attorney…

  28. The problem is not guns, mental illness, politicians, Dems or Republicans, culture, thuggish behavior, parents, video games, TV, judges, or the president. You know what it is, but you can’t say it even though it has been statistically proven for many years. Why do you think they stopped posting FBI crime statistics? You can throw billions of dollars at it but it will never change.

    1. The smartest and most truthful comment on here. If it wasn’t for “that problem” this country would be a better place.

  29. If there was real freedom of speech in this country we could all come right out and say who the problem is

  30. Evil is rampant in all ages, young and old. How horrible and tragic our daily lives are tainted with evil. Shocking now in my own backyard, Hollywood MD.

  31. “two known rival groups of youth offenders.”…. Gangs. Call it what it is and stop sugar coating this BS.

  32. “Gangs” means drug pushers. And “Drugs” means marijuana. And “Marijuana” means danger to everyone. And corrupting drug profits means the current rush to enable pot factories and legalize mind-altering marijuana for “recreational” purposes.
    Will the murderer’s drug test be publicized? Ask your government officials.

    1. I have to disagree with you on the marijuana… those gangs are doing and dealing much more dangerous drugs e.g. crack, smack, molly, meth. and so on!

    2. I have to disagree with you about blaming this on marijuana. Those Bros. are doing and dealing much more dangerous drugs e.g. Crack, Smack, Molly, Meth and so on.

  33. This will only continue to get worse.We have allowed these people to enter this county.They bring nothing but trouble.You cannot walk down Lexington Park at night and be safe.Why have we allowed this to happen.They arrive at other events and just cause trouble.I bet they come in to this county from somewhere else .

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