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CALVERT COUNTY, Md. – Six years ago, Garrett Thomas turned his passion and love for French Bulldogs into a thriving business that has helped French Bulldogs find loving homes all across the east coast.

Garrett, a 26-year-old from Annapolis, has been around French Bulldogs since the day he was born. His family has been breeding, raising, and rescuing French Bulldogs for his entire life.

“I’ve worked with and been around horses, dogs, cats and many other animals my whole life,” Garrett told  “I’ve heard stories from my parents on how they would take me with them to the barn in my bassinet while they cleaned horse stalls. My parents, family, and friends all fell in love with the breed. Their personalities are what really stole our hearts.”

Credit: Bengals and Bullies

Garrett believes what separates Bengals and Bullies from other breeders is their experience and their relationships with the customers.

“We are experienced French Bulldog breeders with almost 27 years of experience backed up by genetically sound and proven bloodlines,” said Garrett. “We are very proud of the health and genetics behind each puppy that leaves for their new home. Our mission is to breed and raise beautiful, happy, healthy, and quality French Bulldogs and to ensure each of our pups goes to a happy and loving family! For that reason, we breed and sell our puppies solely as family pets. Our dogs and puppies are our lives and we spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with them. We take pride in the amount of dedication and hard work it takes to maintain our prestigious reputation, quality puppies, and prideful family business.”

“Also what sets us apart from other breeders according to our past puppy buyers is that we are here for families after they get their puppy unlike most breeders. We welcome questions and are happy to give advice long after the puppy leaves. We encourage staying in touch and we also love seeing updated pictures.”

Credit: Bengals and Bullies

Garrett believes that the most important aspects of raising puppies is consistently maintaining a clean environment, providing a high quality nutritional diet, and a loving atmosphere for each and every dog and puppy.

“We make sure that each one of our newborn puppies nurse every two hours around the clock. Also making sure that they are thriving,” says Garrett. “Each day we weigh our puppies to monitor and track their progress. We also make sure the momma is being spoiled with a high protein diet. Most importantly this includes special home cooked meals!”

Bengals and Bullies offer their standard color puppies at a starting price of $3,900. The puppy comes with AKC registration, microchipped, vaccination and deworming records with a one year health guarantee, Royal Canin puppy food starter kit, toys, blanket, and a tote bag.

Bengals and Bullies also offers boarding for past customers and will begin to offer harnesses and leashes in March.

Bengals and Bullies have built a stellar reputation with families over the years. They even just recently sold a puppy to Nickelodeon’s Young Dylan. Garrett even explains how his connection with the French Bulldog community helps keep him motivated.

Credit: Bengals and Bullies

“Our French Bulldog community is like no other,” says Garrett. “Our frenchie family is made up of such nice, helpful, and understanding people. Each family that has adopted a puppy from us is like our family. We enjoy receiving pictures of our puppies growing up and exploring the world with their family. Our love for the French Bulldog is beyond words. It’s a lifestyle.”

Garrett’s main goal is to give families the best experience possible when buying a puppy, and to hopefully one day put puppy mills and scammers out of business.

“The puppy buying process should be an exciting process but unfortunately can be nerve-racking for families due to both scammers and unethical practices out there,” says Garrett.  “Families just want to find a breeder they can trust.”

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