GOP National Committee Co-Chair Sharon Day

Leonardtown, MD –  The St. Mary’s County (SMC) Republican Central Committee on May 29sponsored its Annual Lincoln/Reagan Dinner hosted by Eddie Bailey at the Olde Breton Inn in Leonardtown.

The dinner was festive with many celebrating the political successes that Republicans have enjoyed over the past year. Indeed, the St. Mary’s County political landscape, which has been solely in Democratic control with few exceptions since the Civil War, now has seen parity between the two major parties.

In 2014, there were more registered Republican voters in the county than Democratic voters. This was accomplished by the dedicated work of an army of volunteers who worked tirelessly to register new folks to Republican voter registration.

The results of these efforts translated into a clean sweep of Republican candidates in St. Mary’s County with five Republican county commissioners as well as three House delegates, a state senator, county treasurer, judges of the Orphans’ Court and two St. Mary’s County Board of Education candidates.

Julie Burk-Greer, chair of the SMC Republican Central Committee and master of ceremonies for the evening, opened the meeting by recognizing state Republican dignitaries and acknowledging Wayne Davis and Todd Morgan for their generous financial contributions.

Burk-Greer also remarked on the ominous transformation of America towards socialism with our nation’s fundamental liberties being taken from us. She warned that Hillary Rodham Clinton will attempt to divide the nation into the rich and the have nots and the war on women. If you disagree with Hillary you are targeted as hating women.

The central committee chair also remarked how important it will be to continue to support Governor Hogan in order to win more Republican seats in the Senate and in the House of Delegates. Burk-Greer also reminded the audience that they need to make a maximum effort in getting more conservative candidates elected in 2016.

She also acknowledged other elected officials in the audience including Senator Steve Waugh, Delegates Matt Morgan and Tony O’Donnell, Judge of the Orp[hans Court Dalton Wood, Treasurer Christy Kelly, Leonardtown Mayor Dan Burris, Town Councilman Hayden Hammett, county commissioners Todd Morgan and Randy Guy and Board of Elections Member Tim Wood.

Hayden Hammett sang the National Anthem and County Commissioner Todd Morgan led in the Pledge of Allegiance. The invocation was offered by Mayor Dan Burris.

The program next shifted to the catered dinner with chicken cordon bleu, green beans with bacon and a delicious squash casserole. Dessert was a scrumptious cheesecake topped with whipped cream. Dinner was enjoyed by over 90 guests in attendance.

Diana Waterman, Maryland GOP Chair, next introduced the keynote speaker, Sharon Day,  the GOP National Committee co-chair, who lives in Broward County, FL.

“I want to ask you to stand with me today in one loud voice to say ‘We are Ready To Stop Hillary,’” said Day. “We are ready to stop a third Obama term. We are ready to elect a Republican to the White House. This country deserves better than a president that at every turn of her career has been involved in some sort of scandal, an effort to cover up a scandal or some secrecy issue. The reality is, when it comes to Hillary Clinton we know that these are the things that define her. We know what we’re up against: the old Clinton Machine. But we also know that the facts are on our side and as we make our case to female voters—in fact as we make our case to all voters—we will continue to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her secrecy and her scandals. We will make sure as the messengers and leaders of our party that voters know the facts that define Hillary Clinton. And Americans can decide whether Hillary is standing up for women or Hillary Clinton is letting all women down. We know what the Democrats are going to do…they will go back to their tired playbook of treating women like single-issue voters.”

Day added that “while Democrats have been busy stereotyping women, Republican women have been busy breaking barriers, and yes, even glass ceilings.” 

Day received a standing ovation and garnered heartfelt appreciation for her dedicated work for the Republican Party and local candidates around the country.

During his remarks, Guy outlined a “State of the County” by advising the audience of the progress made in the past year including the new senior center and new library in Leonardtown. The commissioners were able to find additional funds to make the library a reality as well as funds for the detention center. He also added that they were able to provide a small tax break for the taxpayers of the county. Guy said that the county was in good financial shape and on schedule for improvements on Great Mills Road as well as an athletic field in the northern county. 

Delegate Matt Morgan complimented the work of the St, Mary’s County Central Committee members who worked hard in helping Republican candidates achieve victory in the 2014 elections. He remarked how Steve Waugh and Deb Rey canvassed the neighborhood for votes throughout the county with mostly favorable results. Naturally, there were several folks who showed little courtesy when these candidates approached their homes but, on balance, most folks were pleasant and respectful to all who approached them.

Waugh echoed Matt Morgan’s campaign experiences noting that many Democrats extended support and encouragement during his campaign. Waugh also added that he was busy working with the Maryland Legislature and co-sponsored over 100 bills.  He expressed his confidence and admiration for our new Governor Larry Hogan who offered Steve tickets to join him at the Preakness. Some of his achievements also included the funding of the third building at the Higher Learning Center on Airport Road, and supporting enhanced voter registration. 

Burk-Greer shifted the program to awards of notable Republicans who have made an impact during 2014-2015 calendar year. The Republican Woman of the Year plaque was awarded to Barbara Brstilo and Republican Man of the Year was awarded to Bill Raddatz, detective sergeant of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department.

Raddatz, who was once a Democrat, has done a great job converting folks to register as Republican. He was instrumental in working the phone banks, working with the SMC Fraternal Order of Police, and also worked closely in supporting the Shop with a Cop Program.

Dave Willenborg, Vice-Chair of the SMC RCC, announced the recipient of the Life Time Achievement Award was Tom Haney,  a former central committee member who served as a police officer for over 25 years. He was also cited for his dedicated work in support of conservative values.