Local Student-Athlete Program Launches Free Conditioning Camp For Kids

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. – Calling all young football enthusiasts! The Pax River Raiders, a local student-athlete program, is thrilled to announce the start of their free conditioning camp for boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 14. The camp will kick off tomorrow, May 18th, at Lancaster Park and will continue throughout the summer.

Carl McCullough, an assistant coach and board member of the organization, enthusiastically shared the details of the upcoming camp.

“Is there still time to sign up? YES! Raiders registration is fully open to boys and girls ages 5-14,” McCullough shared. 

This exciting opportunity will allow aspiring athletes to hone their skills. The camp is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 pm to 8 pm and will meet on field 6. 

“Student-athletes can expect to learn some of the basic fundamentals of the sport. The main focus will be endurance, strength, footwork, and most of all, having fun and meeting other teammates,” McCullough shared. 

Registration for the conditioning camp is not required. Instead, parents and students can simply show up at Lancaster Park, where coaches will place participants in their respective age groups. The program is open to both boys and girls, encouraging inclusivity and equal opportunities for everyone interested in football.

In addition to inviting young athletes to join the conditioning camp, the Pax River Raiders also seek dedicated coaches passionate about working with kids. Volunteer coaches will play a crucial role in training and mentoring the participants, contributing to their growth and development.

For those interested in joining the fall football program, registration is available on The Pax River Raiders’ website.  

If you or your child want to participate in this fantastic opportunity, mark your calendars and head to Lancaster Park to join the Pax River Raiders’ free Conditioning camp. Together, let’s make this a memorable and rewarding experience for young athletes in our community.

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Katie Callander

Writer, Photographer

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