Glen Burnie, MD— Deborah Smoot of Glen Burnie has enjoyed playing Racetrax ever since her very first bet. The retired state employee had beginner’s luck with the Maryland Lottery’s computer-animated horse racing game, winning $882.

“I’m a loyal Racetrax player,” she said. “I play all the time and I hit all the time.”

She also has a sharp memory when it comes to her Racetrax wins, quickly recalling a $1,596 prize she won on an 11-2-5 Trifecta and her previous personal record $4,186 win on a 10-2-12 Trifecta with a 3x Bonus. On May 22, she broke that record with a $16,029 win!

Deborah placed a Trifecta bet consisting of three special numbers – 7, 12 and 11. “Seven is the month I was married, 12 is the number of sisters and brothers I have and 11 is the month I was born,” Deborah said as she claimed her prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

She bought her lucky ticket at 7-Eleven #11542 located at 705 Greenway Avenue in Glen Burnie. Deborah and her husband, who are coming up on their 50th wedding anniversary, were preparing dinner when Deborah checked the Racetrax results on her computer. Her ticket was for 10 draws, and the 7-12-11 combination hit on the third of those races.

“My husband was outside at the grill and I came outside calling to him and he said, ‘What’s wrong?’ And I said, ‘We hit for $16,000!’ He said, ‘How do you know,’ and I said ‘Believe me, I know!’ ”

Deborah is retired after working 28 years as a supervisor with the Motor Vehicle Administration in Glen Burnie. She has three sons and six grandchildren. While she had no special plans in mind for her prize money, Deborah said she’s planning to go on a cruise and will take her grandchildren to the National Aquarium in Baltimore soon.

Her lucky 7-Eleven is a big winner, too. For selling a winning Racetrax ticket worth more than $10,000, the retailer will receive a bonus of $160.29, equal to 1 percent of the prize value.