ANNAPOLIS, MD – Lt. Governor Boyd K. Rutherford today was appointed to the National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA) Policy Resolutions Committee by NLGA Chair Montana Lt. Governor Mike Cooney. The National Lieutenant Governors Association is the bipartisan professional association enabling all state officeholders first in line of succession to the governorship to advance collaborative work to benefit their constituents.

“I am honored to accept this appointment to the NLGA Policy Resolutions Committee and would like to thank Lt. Governor Cooney for this opportunity,” Lt. Governor Rutherford said. “Over the last four years, Governor Hogan has entrusted me with great responsibility helping to shape important policies of our administration, including fighting the opioid crisis, instituting government and regulatory reform, fostering economic development, and more. I look forward to bringing this experience to the NLGA to advocate for common sense, bipartisan policy solutions that will benefit all states.”

As a member of the Policy Resolutions Committee, Lt. Governor Rutherford will attend committee meetings at the upcoming NLGA DC and Annual Meetings and hear testimony on policy statements submitted bipartisanly by lieutenant governors from across the nation. These policy issues are reviewed for endorsement by this committee and all members of the association.

“Endorsement of NLGA policy positions is a serious task since passage means an issue is backed in a bipartisan way by the officeholders first in line to become governor,” said NLGA Director Julia Hurts. “These policy statements may promote state rights and priorities and bring attention to legislative activity and innovation in the states and in Congress. Lt. Governor Rutherford is one of four voting members to vet all issue work and collaborative efforts for his peers.”

The NLGA meets three times a year to address issues of mutual concerns to all members and all states to exchange best practices and advance regional and national cooperation and knowledge. For more information on lieutenant governors, see