LEONARDTOWN, Md. – Capitol Championship Wrestling (C3W) is a professional wrestling company based out of Washington DC.

C3W isn’t just an entertainment company, but they also help promote healthy lifestyles for youth around the DC area.

“We have grants and contracts in Washington DC to perform at neighborhood block parties within the city, promoting guns down gloves up and multiple other inner city organizations that strive to show inner city kids multiple avenues to get off the streets and pursue a healthy lifestyle,” Brandon Green, the Head of Booking for C3W, told TheBayNet.com.

On May 5, 2023 (Cinco De Mayo), C3W will host Cinco De Mayo Madness at The Rex Theatre.

“High flying, in your face entertainment, Masked wrestlers, Huge mammoth humans and action hard to contain. This will be a night to remember and must see for yourself,” explained Green”

Prior to this event, C3W has hosted plenty of previous events in the Southern Maryland area such as free shows for the St. Mary’s County Soup Kitchen, a free show at St. Mary’ Square for Trunk or Treat that featured Impact Wrestling’s MOOSE.

“If you enjoy live action theater, Action packed Movies, dramatic heart tugging moments then you need to be here live and in person for this FIRST TIME experience in the newly renovated Historic Rex theatre,” explained Green. “Be a part of history, imagine decades ago when this was the source of small town entertainment, boats with live shows would pull up to the leonardtown warf and the whole town would come dressed up to see a show. You can be a part of that old town feel and come to enjoy a sure to be sold out show that involves bringing you into the action. We will draw your emotions and leave you in awe by the end of the night. Ticket cost comes with special chef made menu items and an amazing after show DJ.”

“I grew up here and I have always had the dream to give back to my community and working with someone i grew up, and played youth baseball with, at his new venue makes me super proud and pressured to make this a night no one will forget. The beauty of the location and the intimate setting of only 250 fans will have every worker and fan forget life and get sucked into our life for 90 minutes.”

Tickets will be on sale beginning April 19. Make sure you stay tuned to The Rex Theatre’s Facebook page for ticket information once available, you can follow them here.
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