Prince Frederick, MD – As the outdoor temperature rises and the foliage becomes thicker, concerns about ticks also increase. The added risk of ticks attaching themselves to and biting human beings ramps up worries about the very infectious Lyme disease.

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month locally and all across the nation. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates an average of about 300,000 new cases of Lyme in the nation, although the number could be higher due to difficulties in accurately diagnosing the malady.

During a recent presentation of a proclamation related to the efforts to raise awareness in Calvert County, local Lyme Disease Alliance Network activist Rosemarie L. Jamison updated the county commissioners on the latest battlefront news in the fight against the infectious disease.

Jamison, whose daughter, Corinne Cook, has had Lyme disease for over four years, noted the region is lacking in physicians who are “Lyme-literate,” that is, provide an accurate diagnosis and provide effective treatment.

Many doctors who have treated Lyme, said Jamison, harbor fears that they will be punished by medical boards because of such treatments.

A web site run by the Lyme Research Alliance provides the Lyme Disease Association’s (LDA) Physician Referral System. “Because there is a controversial climate surrounding Lyme disease, many Lyme-literate medical doctors (LLMDs) do not want their names posted on the Internet,” LDA officials stated.

Jamison told the commissioners she now drives her daughter to a LLMD on Maryland’s Eastern Shore for treatment. She stated there are currently no LLMDs in Calvert County.

On Tuesday, May 9, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed into law recently passed measures requiring specified healthcare providers and medical labs to provide notice to a patient regarding tests to determine the presence of Lyme disease. The bill mandates that the patient is advised that the test is not accurate and treatment may be required regardless of the test results.

The CDC has plenty of information regarding Lyme disease on its web site, including signs and symptoms, tick removal and testing, treatment and healthcare providers.

Visit the Lyme Research Alliance’s web site to read about the Ten Top Myths about Lyme disease.

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