Daniel B. Dean

Dameron, MD— On August 3, St.Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Beyer arrived at Three Notch Road in the area of Dameron for the call of a disturbance. 

Beyer made contact with the complainant, who had multiple injuries which appeared fresh. There was a cut on her right elbow which was still bleeding and extremely red. 

The female had multiple bruises on her arms, there was a bruise on her right arm above her elbow. According to charging documents, “the bruises looked like they were fresh.” 

The woman advised she was dropping off her husband’s truck after driving their daughter around. The defendant, who was identified as Daniel B. Dean, 40 of Dameron, stated the victim took too long with the truck and became upset. 

The couple then became involved in a physical altercation over a plastic bag of clothes, which was on the woman’s arm. The bag ripped off and she attempted to leave the residence. 

Dean attempted to grab the woman’s purse. He allegedly pulled the purse but could not get it. The bruise on the victim’s left arm appeared consistent with what she stated had happened. 

The victim advised she was on the phone and heard steps running towards her. The victim stated she was, “then tackled to the ground by Dean,” according to charging documents. 

Beyer then made contact with Dean who advised he was at home with the couple’s two children when she came knocking on the door. The victim was looking for a bag of clothes, Dean stated. The victim advised she was going to call the police and she left the residence yelling and cursing at him. 

Beyer contacted the St.Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Headquarters and confirmed that there was a protective order issued by Judge David Densford. The protective order states that Dean cannot have contact with the complainant unless it involves their children.

Dean was arrested and transported to the St.Mary’s County Detention Center, where he was charged with second-degree assault and two counts of violating an exparte protective order. 

Dean has a court appearance tentatively scheduled for Sept. 20. Dean was held without bond Aug. 4. Dean faces a maximum jail sentence of 10 years and six months and/or a maximum fine of $4,500. 

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