David M. Faxson

California, MD—On April 20, St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Cpl. Elizabeth O’Connor was advised by St. Mary’s Emergency Communications Center that a domestic disturbance was occurring in the California area on Three Notch Road.

When O’Connor arrived on the scene and observed the defendant, who was identified as David M. Faxson, 32, of Lexington Park. Faxson was advised to come out the front door. Faxson sat down on the front porch. O’Connor responded inside the residence and made contact with the victim, who advised, “He’s got to go,” according to charging documents.

O’Connor asked the victim what happened, and again the victim’s repeated herself, ‘He’s got to go.’ O’Connor advised the female that she needed to talk to her about what had happened. As the female made her way down the stairs, O’Connor noticed the female limping.

When the victim made her way down to the bottom of the stairs, O’Connor noticed the victim’s left knee was bleeding and had a large hole. The victim advised, “That the original injury occurred on Wednesday night, and that the incident today had re-injured it,” according to charging documents.

O’Connor asked how this injury happened. The victim responded that Faxson came home and woke up the victim and started arguing with the victim. The victim tried to leave the residence to get the neighbors to call 911, but Faxson pushed the victim into the door, causing injuries.

The victim advised that the argument started, “over her cellphone and Faxson becoming jealous over seeing someone had been communicating with the victim on her cell phone,” according to charging documents.

The victim advised that the original injuries resulted at Outback when the victim and Faxson were celebrating the victim’s birthday. The victim asked Faxson how his food was since he ordered raw fish, and Faxson replied, “Bitch don’t small talk me,” according to charging documents.

The victim advised when they left the restaurant and went and sat in the car, Faxson was holding the door shut and all of a sudden Faxson let the door go, and the victim fell to the ground causing the injury to the victim’s forearms and her left knee.

Faxson was arrested and transported to St. Mary’s County Detention Center, where he was read his Miranda Rights, and indicated he wished to speak about the incidents. Faxson was also charged with two counts of assault second-degree.

According to charging documents, “Faxson was in the garage, and the victim came into the garage yelling at him. Faxson then took the victim’s phone, to ‘go through it’, looking for male individuals.”

Faxson also advised that the victim fell out of the vehicle in the Outback parking lot due to, “being drunk and high, because the victim takes anti- depressants, and sometimes too many,” according to charging documents.

Faxson at this time does not have a scheduled court date. Faxson faces a maximum jail sentence of 20 years and/or a maximum fine of $5,000.

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