Tavon Thompson Leonardtown

Tavon M. Thompson 

Leonardtown, MD— On June 13, Judge Karen H. Abrams of the St. Mary’s County Circuit Court sentenced Tavon M. Thompson, 19, of Leonardtown, to 18 months for assaulting two individuals. 

Thompson faced eight different charges, the most serious being first-degree assault. Thompson was also found guilty of two counts of second-degree assault. 

Christopher Beaver, Thompson’s defense attorney, stated that his client “expressed regret and wanted to move his life in the right direction. Since Thompson first appeared for his initial appearance, he (secured) a job, became a father and (earned) his GED.” 

The two victims that were affected by Thompson’s actions were present in the courtroom. Abrams asked if they would like to make a statement to the courtroom before sentencing.

The first victim stated, “I (victim) was more affected than anyone else, because of the scarring on my face. My family has also changed because we had to move. This is completely against justice.” 

Julie White, who was representing the victims in this case, also made mention of the restitution that still needs to be paid as a result of the medical procedures the first victim needed.

White stated Thompson “owes $10,957.41 in restitution for medical bills.” 

When Abrams asked Thompson if he would like to make a statement to the courtroom, Thompson responded, “I can’t take back what I did, I still see the victims every day. I wish things could be different.” 

Abrams said that she had various factors to think about in her sentencing. Abrams stated that she was “flabbergasted that Thompson could do this kind of crime to innocent people.” 

Thompson was sentenced to 18 months for second-degree assault. Additionally, Thompson was placed on five years of supervised probation and was granted work release as a means to pay restitution. 

Abrams concluded the proceedings with a stern warning to the defendant: “I will give you every single day of your backup time if you mess up.”

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