Left to right- Alan Michael Rangel and Cody Lacey

Leonardtown, MD – On April 14, Judge David Densford of the St. Mary’s County Circuit Court sentenced Alan Rangel, 21, of Lexington Park to 90 years for the second-degree murder of Cody Michael Lacey of Mechanicsville. In addition to the second-degree murder charge, seven additional charges were factored into the sentencing.

Rangel was found guilty by a St. Mary’s County jury of the second-degree murder of Cody Lacey at a party in Mechanicsville July 25 of last year. The jury deliberated three hours before rendering the verdict Jan. 28 shortly before 8 p.m. The jury’s verdict came at the end of a three-day trial in St. Mary’s County Circuit Court.

St. Mary’s County State’s Attorney Richard D. Fritz [R] stated, “this is a worst case scenario for the parents, in this case, someone knocking on your door to tell you that your child is dead.”

Densford stated his view on this horrible event. “This is very tragic, you (Rangel) ride around with guns with hollow points in the weapon. This was so reckless and careless. It is hard to explain.”

Daniello Lacey, who is Cody Lacey’s mother, gave an impact statement to Rangel and the judge. Addressing the defendant, she stated, “this was very senseless of you. I don’t know how you took a gun to a party. I no longer can talk to Cody because of you. You have shown no remorse for what you have done to Cody and his family. I will never forgive you.”

Rangel’s attorneys made a few comments about the nature of the crime and how sorry Rangel is about what happened that night at a summer party. One of the defense attorneys affirmed that Rangel was very sorry for what he did, adding, “but he is not an animal or monster.”

Densford also gave the family of Cody Lacey encouraging words when he said, “The family of Cody Lacey is smart enough that this event does not take away from Cody’s life.”

Rangel was given a moment to address the court and the Lacey Family. Rangel stated, “everybody is affected in a negative way about what happened. I would feel the same way, too. I have three kids also. What pains me the most is that they can’t forgive me for themselves. I live with this every day; I am deeply sorry.”

Densford sentenced Alan Rangel to 90 years in the Department of Corrections with 230 days of credit and ordered him to pay restitution of $18,934.12. For count three, the second-degree murder of Lacey, Rangel was given 30 years. Fifty percent of the total sentencing of 90 years has to be served before parole can be issued.

After the sentencing, The BayNet spoke to Daniello and Steven Lacey, the victim’s parents. Daniello Lacey was asked if the sentence was enough. She declared that “Justice was served today for my son.”

Steven Lacey told The BayNet that, “he has to forgive Rangel to move on.” Both parents of Cody Lacey stated that they plan to keep Cody’s legacy alive with some form of reference. An idea that Daniello Lacey made mention of was a scholarship for students in honor of Cody Lacey.

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