ANNAPOLIS, Md. – As Postmaster General Louis DeJoy testifies in a Senate hearing today about controversial cost-cutting measures, Maryland’s Attorney General Brian Frosh says the lawsuit that he and other AGs filed against the U.S. Postal Service this week will continue as planned.

Speaking Wednesday at a Democratic National Convention “partners’ talk” online, Frosh said he’ll keep fighting against what he called the Trump administration’s “illegal actions” that are slowing mail delivery and could undermine the Postal Service and the election.

“We don’t take DeJoy at his word,” said Frosh. “We’re going to press forward. Whatever reforms and changes that are necessary to run a valid election in November, we’re going to insist be in writing and approved by a court.”

President Donald Trump blasted Republicans Wednesday for allowing Democrats to have what he called “ridiculous Post Office hearings” before and during the Republican National Convention. DeJoy will also testify on Monday, the first day of the RNC.

Frosh appeared in an online session, “The Power of Democratic AGs in Upholding the Rule of Law.” His counterparts from states including Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada and New York all highlighted their legal victories during the Trump presidency.

Frosh talked about Maryland’s efforts to save health care, and take on crime and policing issues.

“We stand up for important public policies,” said Frosh. “We were the first state in the nation to issue guidance to all law enforcement officers in Maryland to prohibit racial profiling.”

Frosh also discussed recovering hundreds of millions of dollars for Marylanders from Wall Street banks, payday lenders and polluters. The session was sponsored by the Democratic Attorneys General Association.

Diane Bernard, Public News Service – MD