Annapolis, MD — Leave early and stay late for your Labor Day weekend activities. That’s the message the Maryland Department of Transportation has for drivers.

MDOT is expecting heavy traffic over the Labor Day weekend. They’re hoping to ease congestion by suspending non-emergency lane closures until Tuesday, Sept. 3.

Extra patrols will be in place to help speed up lane openings following disabled vehicles, crashes or debris in the roadway.

Drivers are urged to ‘Leave Early and Stay Late’ to help reduce traffic, especially at popular tourist locations.

Drivers returning from the Atlantic Coast beaches are urged to remain on US 50 (Ocean Gateway) and not detour off onto smaller roads. US 50 is designed for higher traffic volumes; the local roads are not and quickly become gridlocked.

If you’re planning a trip this weekend, make sure to check out your vehicle to make sure everything is working and that you have plenty of fuel. 

In case of a breakdown, pull as far to the shoulder as possible, stay in the vehicle and dial #77 or call 9-1-1.