Owings, MD – A group of medical cannabis advocates have scheduled a meeting in Calvert County regarding the possibility of legally growing and dispensing marijuana in the county.

According to Kevin Merillat of a startup organization called 840 Inc., the “town hall” meeting will be held Monday, Oct. 19 at Fairview Library in Owings starting at 6 p.m.

“We would like to provide a forum for potential medical patients or concerned citizens so they can come and learn how the state legislature is set up, a summary of our business plan and how we plan to operate,” Merillat stated. “This will provide an opportunity for patients to ask questions directly to our clinical director. In addition, we will have our head of security present to answer security or safety questions.”

In a “business summary” posted on 840 Inc.’s web site, the organization is identified as having as its mission to become “one of the first approved growers and distributors of medical cannabis in Maryland.” In addition to growing and distributing medical marijuana, the organization plans to market “cannabis derivatives.”

Merillat stated his group has been working with the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office and Calvert County Government. The work with the sheriff’s office has been for the purpose of putting forth “a security plan that exceeds state security standards.”

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) is currently seeking applications from parties interested in obtaining a license to operate as a medical cannabis grower, processor or dispenser in the state. The application deadline is Nov. 6. Evaluations of the applications are expected to be completed by mid-January. The MMCC will award pre-approval for a maximum of 15 grower licenses, an unlimited number of processor licenses and up to two dispensaries per each of the state’s senatorial districts.

According to the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, each applicant receiving preapproval then has a year to complete the steps necessary to obtain a formal license and request a MMCC inspection. The steps include raising capital, land acquisition, obtaining local zoning approval, construction of facilities, installation of equipment and systems, and the hiring and training of staff.

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