LEONARDTOWN, Md. — In a Facebook Livestream on Jan. 25, MedStar Health of Baltimore discussed their Center for Gender Affirmation, which was later promoted by MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital on the social media platform. The center specializes in surgery and treatments for “people experiencing gender dysphoria.”

The center provides a wide range of gender reassignment surgeries and was established to be an all in one location for those seeking these procedures. They have locations in Baltimore and Washington DC and are overseen by a plastic surgeon named Dr. Gabriel Del Corral, M.D.

Having a dedicated center for gender reassignment surgery is still a new thing in the medical field. Del Corral explained that “for years patients did have the support of academic institutions to get the best care that they could.”

Last October, Del Corral told The Baltimore Sun that the center “performs about 25 breast and genital procedures a month.”

In the livestream, they cite a key difference between the center and other medical service providers is that the center gives “a more personalized and community experience for their patients.”

This mentality was echoed by Del Corral when he was asked why he chooses to pursue this field of work by saying, “for me, it was really first about the patient.”

He talked about the positive impacts that these surgeries have on lives’ patients. Del Corral also discussed the broader issues associated with gender dysphoria and how surgery can be one part of someone’s transition.

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