CALVERT COUNTY, Md. – Calvert County is my home as I have lived here for over 33 years.  My kids went to school here.  I worked here as a Maryland State Trooper for over 6 years out of the Prince Frederick Barrack.  My wife Nancy is a registered nurse and the outreach coordinator in the emergency department of Calvert Health Medical Center.  Both of us have served this community for many years.   

I am running for Office of the Sheriff because I want to bring my 36 years of law enforcement experience, knowledge, and skillset to Calvert County; in order to improve transparency and change the status-quo (the existing state of affairs, especially regarding social or political issues) leadership of the Sheriff’s Office.  I want to build trust and legitimacy between the Sheriff’s Office and our community by being transparent; and making reasonable, common-sense decisions that will positively affect the people in our community!  

I am the best candidate for this job.: 

  • I am the only candidate that has been a Chief of Police! 
  • I have been a Chief of Police for 12 years and have transformed a state law enforcement agency into a well-respected and professional department.  I have the skillset, knowledge, education and ability to effect positive change. 
  • I was a Maryland State Trooper for 23 years and retired from the finest law enforcement agency in the state. I know how to fight crime! 
  • I am a USAF veteran, military police. 
  • I am the only candidate that is not or has not been a Calvert County Deputy.   Like you, I have the unique perspective of looking into the Sheriff’s Office from the outside; and like you I want the leaders of the Sheriff’s Office to: 
    • Be more transparent, 
    • Communicate more effectively about issues that affect each of us, 
    • Get rid of favoritism and bias within the inner-operations of the office, by being accountable, 
    • Build more trust and legitimacy into our community, 
    • Ensure your 1st, 2nd, and 4th amendment constitutional rights are protected. 

This election brings several challenges that the Sheriff will have to consider: 

  • Opioid epidemic / COVID19 
  • Budget Cuts / Staffing Challenges  
  • Police Reform Bill 
  • Rise in homicides and violent crime in the country 
  • Increased drug violence in our surrounding counties 
  • Cyberattacks, and public anxiety about crime  
  • Constitutional issues; right to bear arms, mask mandates, mandatory vaccinations, closing businesses because of executive orders and government mandates, etc.  

Calvert needs a Sheriff who has the experience and ability to successfully handle these important issues; ensuring the Sheriff’s Office has the ability to successfully meet the current challenges and everchanging issues that our community will face in the next 4 years! 

Here are eight very important issues that my administration will focus on: 

  • Protection of life and property 
  • Ensure a safe community, free of the fear of crime 
  • Uphold the United States Constitution 
    • 1st Amendment (freedom of speech, press, right to peacefully assemble, etc.) 
    • 2nd Amendment (Right to keep and bear arms) 
    • 4th Amendment (Unreasonable search and seizure) 
  • Build trust and legitimacy between the Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Calvert County (ensuring laws are enforced fairly and lawfully by the department) 
    • Create legitimacy through honesty, integrity, and commitment to community 
    • Establish civilian town hall meetings to enable direct communication with the sheriff to discuss issues in the community 
    • Establish department transparency and open-mindedness to the community 
  • Accountability – your opinion matters to me 
    • Establish citizen advisory boards from members of each community 
    • Hold officers accountable to policies and procedures 
    • Work with county leaders to ensure cooperation and resolution, through effective communication 
    • Hold myself accountable to the community 
  • Drug/Alcohol Addiction, Mental Health, Homelessness 
    • Continue to build a fully resourced system of first responders to address these complex challenges 
    • Proactively provide services for populations in crisis – without resorting to arrest or incarceration (rehabilitation and treatment programs) 
    • Establish inter-agency organized drug task force to combat drug trafficking, gangs and arrest violent offenders.  
  • Improve Readiness 
    • Make certain we retain deputy school resource officers in our public schools 
    • Assure deputies are provided the most up-to-date training available 
    • Evaluate the current organizational structure of the department 
    • Improve response time of calls for service by being proactive 
  • Recruitment and retention of deputy sheriffs in the county 
    • Annual Salary Reviews (Pay parody with surrounding agencies) 
    • Improve retirement health care for deputies 
    • Introduce monetary benefits for successful completion of physical fitness tests 

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  1. We’re hoping you can overcome the “Good ole boy” stigma that has prevailed in this county for decades.
    I once asked someone down here why they were voting for a certain candidate and the response was, “He goes to my Church”.
    Knowing someone as a friend or neighbor is NOT a qualification for any leadership position and we can only hope that the citizens of Calvert County will realize this when they cast their votes in the upcoming elections.

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