Motorcycle Accident Leaves Local Barber In Need Of Help - GoFundMe
Timothy Grauel (Credit: Ashley Simmons)

MECHANICSVILLE, Md. – All Free Cuts, owned by Timothy Grauel, aka TJ or Razzor, is a non-profit that provides free haircuts to those battling addiction. TJ has impacted the community with his skills and passion for helping people with these issues because he was once one of them. He fought against addiction and overcame to create this non-profit and encourage others with his story.

Now, he has a new battle to fight. On Saturday, September 16th, on his way home from Ocean City for Bike Week, TJ was on his motorcycle when he was hit by a Nissan sedan. The sedan changed lanes and hit TJ – it’s a miracle he is alive.

Motorcycle Accident Leaves Local Barber In Need Of Help - GoFundMe
Credit: Ashley Simmons

TJ suffered two broken legs- a compound fracture to the left femur, right knee dislocation, torn ACL, MCL, and PCL on the left knee, bruising on his lungs, and various other tears in major tendons and ligaments. For a brief period after the accident, after being flown to UMD in Largo, he lost blood flow to his lower left leg and was rushed into emergency surgery, which took 12 hours. TJ still has a series of surgeries down the line.

Motorcycle Accident Leaves Local Barber In Need Of Help - GoFundMe
Credit: Ashley Simmons

His sister, Ashley Simmons, created a GoFundMe page to help with recovery costs. The driver who hit TJ was insured by MACE and likely will not cover the amount due. Simmons stated, “TJ’s road to recovery will be months-long, arduous, mentally, physically, and emotionally challenging, and unfortunately, due to his past, incredibly painful. With enough positivity and encouragement, we know he will find the strength to get through and come back stronger than he was before.”

While TJ recovers, he will not be able to work, and his wife, Megan, will tend to their three children. All donations will be sent directly to Megan as supplemental income for rent, bills, gas, groceries, household responsibilities, and anything TJ may need while he’s in the hospital or for when he comes home.

The family appreciates your generosity and prayers!

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  1. Sounds like he will get a huge insurance pay out eventually with all those injuries, its MAIF not MACE…they better apply for food stamps and Meg gets a job times are rough for everyone these days

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