Treasurer Jan Norris (r) and her office staff appeared at the fundraiser for Carrie Swartz (second from r). Submitted photo.

Lexington Park, MD — Democratic candidate for St. Mary’s County Treasurer Carrie Swartz has picked up a key endorsement. Long-time treasurer Jan Norris, who is retiring, appeared at Swartz’s fundraiser in Lexington Park on Saturday and announced she is endorsing Swartz.

Norris appeared at the fundraiser along with three of her staff from the Treasurer’s Office. Norris has served 20 years in the elected position of treasurer and 35 years total in the office.

According to Swartz the only person from the Treasurer’s Office who did not attend was at election judge’s training.

Norris spoke to those in attendance and urged them to support Swartz, who is running for her first political office. According to Swartz, Norris said the candidate had “the superb communication skills needed for this job, and I want it for all the right reasons.”

Swartz is facing challenges from Republican Christy Kelly and Independent Steve Gelrud in the Nov. 4th General Election.