Hollywood, MD— This month is known to many as National Bullying Prevention Month, where many organizations work towards helping communities become more aware of bullying and the effects on children.   

Throughout October certain days will be observed in the hope to bring more awareness to the issue of bullying.

The week of Oct. 17 will be observed as STAND UP for others week. Many anti-bullying groups advise that when you see someone being bullied, be brave and STAND UP for them. Bullies have been known to back off when others stand up for victims.

A group called STOMP Out Bullying has suggested many different methods that students  may use to help prevent bullying in their environment. 

Students can participate by

-Creating positive messages on post-its and handing them out to students at school

-Hold a “kindness” dance at school

-Creating anti-bullying videos and sharing them on the STOMP Out Bullying site

-Sharing inspirational stories on the STOMP Out Bullying site

-Create a kindness dance flash mob at school or in your community. Make a video of it and send it to us. We’ll share it on our web site.

The more awareness that  a community can bring to this issue the better chance it has to help to fix the bullying problems that face so many students. 

To view the Stomp Out Bullying website please view the attached link below. 


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