Maryland Governor Larry Hogan by the Chesapeake Bay

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan

Prince Frederick, MD – Most Marylanders are concerned about the availability of good jobs and economic opportunity. Yet, if you were to watch the mainstream media, you’d never know it.

Under Governor Hogan, employment has increased by 110,800 jobs. The State unemployment rate has dropped from 7.2 percent to 4.3 percent.

The Governor invested over $3 billion in Chesapeake Bay restoration programs. Conversely, O’Malley diverted nearly $300 million from the Bay Restoration Fund and transferred it to the General Fund. Speaker Busch and Senate President Miller approved the O’Malley budgets.

Governor Hogan has made education a priority, investing nearly $19 billion in K-12 programs.

Let’s work together and continue common-sense governance. Let’s Change Maryland for the better!

Of Note: The massive flooding in Houston is unprecedented and creating tremendous suffering. Please consider helping the victims of this flood by donating to the Red Cross.