While there are far more people that enjoy having pets than not, there are still plenty of us out there that want nothing to do with that situation. The thought of going to the zoo or an aquarium is a nightmare and completely uninteresting.

There are perks to owning a dog because dogs tend to be loyal to their owners, can be trained easily to obey commands and are protective. Cats, however, do not care about anything but eating and doing their own thing. A lot of people are highly allergic to the cat dander and have no real control over what the animal will do. And when someone is hell bent on owning a cat despite severe allergies and they put themselves through medications and doctor visits, is it really worth it? It’s like cats are on a lifelong narcissistic LSD trip – would they do that for you? No they would jump up on a shelf and or claw your eyes out.

Taking into account feral animals that have lived out in nature, as nature intended, forcing them into a domestic situation almost seems selfish. You’re lonely or you think you’re saving some poor creature from their natural environment.

Most people, including yours truly, do not want to see any animal harmed or abused. However, when you bring a wild orangutan into your home and wonder why it wants to rip your face off, you need to rethink what you’re doing. Snakes, panthers, hawks, etc. are highly aggressive creatures whose instincts are to feed. In the end, they probably want to feed on you. So when they try to chew your child’s toes off, should you defend the animal or get rid of it?

Really, in a pet situation, it usually comes down to the cat vs. dog question. Cats are pretty self sufficient but are annoying and catty, if you will. Dogs can act out and destroy carpets, furniture and trying to give them a bath is horrible.

Any animal is unpredictable, especially if they have been abused in the past. Why invite any of that into your home? The cleanup, the responsibility and the costs far outweigh the camaraderie.

Are you a cat person, a dog person or just not interested in pets in general?