PGCPS Board of Education Member Calls For Accountability In Tobacco Stores
Branndon Jackson (Credit: Anthony Tilghman/Washington Informer)

PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. – Board of Education Member Branndon Jackson (District 6) sent out a letter on November 1 addressed to tobacco stores, warning them of potential consequences if tobacco products are sold to PGCPS students.

“It has been brought to my attention that businesses in the tobacco industry, specifically within my district, have routinely broken federal and state tobacco rules and regulations by selling tobacco products to our scholars. I’ve received numerous complaints of tobacco retailers breaking these laws by local parent leadership organizations. I cannot standby and allow this to continue, because the introduction of tobacco products to our children can be detrimental to their overall developmental process,” said the letter.

“Additionally, I will be reaching out to the Chief of Police to see how we can more closely monitor the transactional activity of local tobacco retailers. Federal enforcement measures, including monetary fines, may result from certain infractions. Finally, while I don’t accuse you of breaching the law, I am requesting your assistance in holding other tobacco merchants accountable by reporting any illegal activity. I am also asking you to double down on your commitment to shield our children from tobacco products.”

Previous legislation by the Prince George’s County Council aimed to limit the hours and excessive lighting used at some tobacco stores in the County while restricting new stores to industrial zones.

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