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INDIAN HEAD, Md.– Alexandra Rak, known for her involvement in leading the Reopen Charles County movement since May 2020, is running against Thomasina Coates to become the Charles County Commissioner of District 2.

“If you want a change in Charles County – to improve your quality of life, the safety of your children in schools, choices that you are happy with in the community, you should vote for me,” Rak told

Rak is 36 years old, and she homeschools her four children. She is an educator and program director.

She served as Teach for America Mid-Atlantic Corps Alumna, serving as an elementary special education teacher in West Philadelphia from 2008 to 2010. Then, she became a special educator at Dr. Mudd Elementary School from 2010 to 2012. Now, she is the president of Charles County Right to Life, a Maryland Right to Life affiliate.

Rak ran for office because of what happened during the pandemic. Local commissioner board prolonged pandemic closures past Governor Larry Hogan’s Phase 1 reopening schedule, which made her get active, she said.

She says she started Reopen Charles County to help lead the citizens of Charles to redress local government through legitimate and effective First Amendment activities. 

Then her organization led the charge to defeat the mask mandate after the current Commissioner Board voted 5-0 to enact an “illegal” mask mandate, she said.

“I was happy to return to private life when in August 2021, our current Commissioner Board voted 5-0 to enact an illegal mask mandate that would harm the small businesses and churches of Charles County,” Rak said. “My organization led the charge to defeat the mask mandate and return sanity to the lives of everyday citizens sick of the restrictions.”

If elected into office, the two most important issues Rak is focused on will be safety and the high cost of living. With this in mind, Rak plans to stand on her principles if elected, but it will be difficult for her to have every word publicly recorded and open to criticism.

“It’s not what you say, but how you say it,” Rak said. “More people will listen and follow you when you speak graciously and persuasively, avoiding alienation or ridicule.”

Rak believes this election is an opportunity for citizens to make the change that they have wanted to see from other commissioner boards. She hopes people can look past her part affiliation and evaluate what she says and does.

“There may never again be such an opportunity for change in your local, state, or national community than the 2022 elections. I hate labels and partisan politics,” Rak said. “Look past the party I’m affiliated with and evaluate me on what I say I’ll do and my public record of success as a voice for the people. This election day, focus on candidates, not keeping political parties in power.”

Rak does not have a website for the campaign, but you can follow her on Facebook for more information by clicking here

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  1. Its nice that Mrs. Rak isn’t confused about pregnancy. As President of CCRTL, she doesn’t think anything goes when it comes to pregnancy, unlike the abortion- condoners.

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