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PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – Bob Harvey is the current State’s Attorney for Calvert County and has been a resident of the county for 38 years. Harvey has also raised his family in Calvert County, having four children and five grandchildren.

“It is my policy that criminals must be held strictly accountable for their actions,” Harvey told “As a result, during my term in office, Calvert has had one of the lowest crime rates in the State of Maryland, if not the nation. I have effectively and efficiently managed the State’s Attorney’s Office, returning unspent funds to the County Treasury every year. In short, I have done a good job in office and will continue to do so.”

Harvey has over 40 years of criminal trial experience. He started his career as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Prince George’s County and worked his way up through the ranks to Deputy State’s Attorney, where he supervised a staff of over 50 lawyers.

“I personally tried hundreds of serious felony cases, including more than a dozen high-profile murders. I’ve never lost a murder case,” says Harvey. “I had my own law firm in Prince Frederick for over 25 years, specializing in criminal defense. I learned what it was like to run a small business. For the past several years, I have served as Calvert County State’s Attorney. I have continued to personally prosecute cases, including a 2020 murder in which the defendant received two consecutive life sentences plus 15 years, and a 2021 armed robbery in which the defendant received a sentence of 20 years. I have managed the largest law firm in Calvert County— the State’s Attorney’s Office. I have been endorsed by both the State and Calvert County Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).”

Harvey plans to work with the new Sheriff and the Police Accountability Board to ensure adherence to “best practices” in policing. 

“I will work to increase awareness of the workings of the criminal justice system by expanding outreach to schools, homeowners’ associations, and other community organizations,” Harvey says. “I will work to expand services available to military veterans through our mental health and drug court dockets.”

Harvey wants to ensure that we stay aggressive and fair when it comes to prosecuting criminals and serious motor vehicle cases. Harvey also wants to maintain public trust and confidence in law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

“Having done this job for nearly three years, I can truthfully say there are no “easy” parts. It is a 24/7 job,” Harvey explained. “Every day, I am called upon to make difficult decisions affecting people’s lives. Sometimes it means that a violent criminal must go to prison in order to protect public safety. Sometimes it means that a drunk driver must go to jail to keep roads safe for the motoring public. Sometimes it means that an abuser must be incarcerated in order to break the cycle of domestic violence. But, the job can also have its rewards. If I can help a drug addict become clean and sober through our drug court program, then I will do that too.”

Harvey believes he is the most qualified candidate. He also wants to ensure that voters know he is not running on vague promises and has not exaggerated his credentials.

“I am running on my record as a trusted, effective, crime-fighter. I have shown throughout my career, first as a prosecutor in Prince George’s County and now as the Calvert County State’s Attorney, that I have the experience, maturity, and judgment to do the job and do it well. I invite the public to examine my background and credentials. Simply search ‘Bob Harvey, State’s Attorney,” he said.

“When my opponent talks about being ‘smart on crime,’ he’s reading from the same progressive playbook that has failed so miserably in other jurisdictions. Smart on crime really means soft on crime. When you announce to the world that you are going to target certain crimes for prosecution, you’re telling everyone that you are going to ignore others. This kind of reckless policy can only lead to a spike in crime.”

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