Great Mills Post Office
Great Mills Post Office

GREAT MILLS, Md. — The U.S. Postal Service is proposing the relocation of the Great Mills Post Office, at 20210 Point Lookout Rd, Great Mills, MD, 20634.  The lease for this location will expire and a new facility will be needed.  The USPS proposes moving to a building within 1 mile of the current location. The proposed new facility will maintain the same level of service.

This relocation project would provide full continuity of service and would consist of procuring a suitable alternate location, preparing the new location for use as a Post Office and then transitioning services to the new facility. The Postal Service would continue retail services in the current Post Office until the new Post Office is up and running.

If the move is approved, there would be no impact on letter carrier delivery to Great Mills residents and businesses. There would be no change to Post Office Box numbers or ZIP Codes.

In undertaking this project, USPS will complete a process set forth in Title 39 Code of Federal Regulations 241.4, which provides for notification to elected officials and the local community and solicits public input from them.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, instead of a public meeting, we are mailing postcards to all residents within the 20634 ZIP Code and inviting them to send their comments on the proposal to:

Attn: Great Mills, MD Main Office Relocation
U.S. Postal Service
PO Box 27497
Greensboro, NC 27498-1103

The Postal Service generally receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

Notice on the entrance door:

Dear President Guy:

This is a follow-up to our phone conversation with Dr. Bridgett the County Administrator, discussing the potential relocation project of the Great Mills Post Office because the current Landlord will not renew our lease. Due to current conditions of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Postal Service is canceling the community meeting the Postal Service would have held to explain the relocation process and solicit the public’s feedback. Due to these exceptional circumstances, the Postal Service will be soliciting comments from the community by mail. The Postal Service will be mailing the enclosed notice to members of the community within the following zip code: 20634 that is included within the preferred area.

After the 30-day comment and appeal period, the Postal Service will consider the comments and appeals received that identify reasons why the Postal Service’s tentative decision and proposal is, or is not, the optimal solution for the identified need. Following that consideration, the Postal Service will make a final decision to proceed with, modify, or cancel the proposal. The Postal Service then will inform you in writing of its final decision, send an initial news release announcing the final decision to local news media and post a copy of the information in the public lobby of the Post Office. The Postal Service then will implement the final decision.

If the Postal Service decides to use a site or area that it did not initially identify, then our regulation generally requires the Postal Service to return to the public communication stage of the process to make a new presentation regarding the new site or area.

We look forward to working with you and your staff as this project develops.


Richard Hancock
Real Estate Specialist
United States Postal Service
PO Box 27497
Greensboro, NC 27498-1103

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    1. What do they mean no tax money will be spent. The government has been bailing them out for years. They should get rid of the post office. FJB.

  1. Leave the Great Mills P.O. alone.
    The county is messed up enough from all the changes made.

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