TheBayNet is thrilled to announce both our winner categories and prizes provided by our wonderful sponsors. Each category will have a certain number of finalists and then it will be left up to our readers to choose the final winners. Our awesome prizes will be distributed to each category’s winners.


Best In Show – the best of the best

Cutest Puppy – the most adorable puppy

Goofiest Doggo – the silliest, funniest dog that makes us laugh

Overall Best Photo – this will be judged on the quality of the photo

Most Stylish – the pup with the best outfit, sunglasses, costume, etc.

Best Group Picture – more than one dog in the picture

Best “Best Friends” – human & dog(s) together


• A gift basket from Wag N’ Wash California containing: bakery biscuits, bully sticks, bones, toys and other goodies with an $80 value.

• A gift certificate from BFF Pet Services, good for any type of training or service offered, including: obedience classes, dog sport classes, workshops, and private dog training lessons. This gift certificate will be for $80.

• A voucher from Chesapeake Pet Resort and Day Spa which can be redeemed for 5 days of boarding ($190). The voucher may not be redeemed during holidays or peak weekends.

• A gift certificate of $50 from Chesapeake Pet Resort and Day Spa which can be used towards a grooming appointment with Autumn.

• A gift basket from Indian Bridge Kennels & Suites. Details to be determined.

• A gift basket from Last Chance Animal Rescue containing: flea & tick prevention, heartworm prevention, leashes, collars, and other goodies.

• A prize from Details to be determined.

We hope this information gets our participants and readers excited! Stay tuned for further announcements and information.