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HOLLYWOOD, Md. – This past Saturday, the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department was home to many body slams as the very first Hollywood Celebfest hosted by Maryland Championship Wrestling (MCW) took place. 

Professional wrestling fans had the opportunity to meet some of their favorite wrestling stars and legends, participate in fun events, and buy all of the wrestling merchandise their heart desires.

The convention hosted many big names such as WWE legends Lex Luger, Scott Steiner, Jimmy Hart, The Boogeyman, and WWE Hall of Famer Lita. Also at the event, All Elite Wrestling’s Thunder Rosa, Serena Deeb, Adam Cole, and many more.

“I went and traveled the globe and wrestled all across the United States as an independent wrestler for a really long time, and to me, this is where the heart of pro wrestling really is,” All Elite Wrestling’s Adam Cole told TheBayNet.com. “You get to meet some of the most die-hard fans in the entire world and you see a lot of young guys kind of cutting their teeth and learning how to be involved in the pro wrestling business, so to me, this is pro wrestling at its purest art form. Maryland Championship Wrestling (MCW) was responsible for almost breaking me in, in a lot of ways, to the wrestling industry. Between MCW and Combat Zone Wrestling, I had my very first matches in places like this, so it feels like I’m coming home in a lot of ways and I’m very happy to be back.”

Hollywood Celebfest was not the only event to take place, however. MCW also hosted their first night of Winter Blast 2022, a live wrestling show with a stacked match card.

“My favorite part of events like this would probably be seeing all of the guys in the locker room that I haven’t seen in a while. Sometimes I only get to see these guys like once a month, most guys I see every Tuesday and Thursday training at MCW. So I kind of like working together with them…There’s just a lot that goes into it that the fans don’t see behind the scenes and I really like talking with everyone in the locker room and just having a good time,” MCW’s Michael Fowler said. 

Many fans and athletes have said that they hope wrestling will make a quick return to Southern Maryland.

“I really like this area for wrestling. I don’t know what it is, but everywhere I go, the crowds are a little different, and for Hollywood, I would say that they’re loud,” Fowler continued. “More than anything, they have energy, and they love wrestling. I’ll go to some other places and it’s like pulling teeth trying to get them to react or get them excited, but these people, you can just go out there and do a few simple things and have fun and have energy, and they feed off of it every time. So I love working in Southern Maryland, I think there should be more shows down here honestly. I wish we could run here four to five times a year in Hollywood, but yeah, I definitely love working down here.”

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hollywood celebfest wrestling

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