SOLOMONS, Md. – Harley Davidson has selected Solomons, MD as one of their Mid-Atlantic Regional HOG Rallies for 2022.

The rally begins Thursday, June 23rd, and will run through Saturday, June 25th, 2022.

Approximately 1,500 attendees are expected to attend this rally over the planned 3-day event, with HOG (Harley Owners Group) members and their families from all across the US and Canada, coming to ride and explore Maryland.

Attendees will depart hotels throughout southern Maryland and have planned rides and routes around the Chesapeake Bay.

Motorcyclists have both guided and self-guided rides planned and will make stops at historic locations across the state.

Citizens are advised there will be a visible increase in motorcycle traffic throughout the county. To keep everyone safe, we urge motorists to keep a watchful eye this weekend, as an influx of bikes take to county roads.

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  1. Partisans members and everyone else that attends should obey the law,rules of the road. If they don’t the public will ask organizers to designate another location outside Calvert for future events.

    1. These aren’t dirt bikes out of the city. These are $20k motorcycles. H.O.G is a national organization that promotes safe and law abiding rides and rallies.

      1. They still don’t obey any traffic laws, I’m guessing you don’t drive on any southern Maryland roadways

    2. I agree with you and also disagree with you. Everyone should obey the law. Not bikers or everyday drivers should be above it. Both drivers and bikers make mistakes, and both drivers and bikers can turn a mistake into a unnecessary incident, or tragedy. Both need to watch out for one another and be safe and enjoy themselves! God bless and be safe to everyone!

  2. I’m all for it, it’s hilarious seeing a bunch of grown men having a dress up party to pretend they’re tough.

    1. I’m guessing you’re afraid of bikes and or bikers, and don’t need their money in your town???

      1. Chee let’s bring lots of revenue to fast food joints that doesn’t help the community at all, that’s good thinking

    2. I guess you are just one those people that just don’t get it and never will. Everyone gets to lead their own lives and this is a lifestyle that i love and am grateful for all the wonderful people I have met.

  3. Dont be a baby. They are Americans like you. Well, at least I hope you are an American. Couldn’t tell by your post……

    1. HOG is Harley Owners Group. Why would you drive a Chevy Camaro to a Ford Mustang Rally?

  4. They are law binding Americans they are doctors and lawyers and good people…I look forward to having them in my backyard…It is only Harley davidson riders..

  5. These are motorcycle clubs— not gangs. They are successful people and these rallies are their hobby / vacation.
    They are not criminals and they don’t break laws.
    They have a lot of money— and they will spend a lot of money when they are touring Southern Maryland.
    This is great for the local economy and hopefully they will come back every year.
    The national news covers their tours and rallies so this will advertise Southern Maryland to the whole country and bring even more tourists to the region. Also very good for the economy.

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