The amount of materials collected in Charles County’s curbside recycling program doubled in the last four months. In December 2013, the county collected curbside and diverted to recycling facilities approximately 654 tons of waste destined for the county landfill. This total was an increase from 292 tons collected in September 2013. The significant increase in curbside recycling is attributed to the new, 95-gallon recycling carts and a seven percent increase in the number of homes receiving curbside collection in Charles County.

Commissioner President Candice Quinn Kelly said, “Citizens are embracing our decision to utilize new, larger recycling carts and the opportunity to recycle additional materials such as cardboard, paperboard, and all types of plastic. Charles County truly is a “green community,” and our citizens are demonstrating the desire to take actions that will benefit the environment and future generations. We should all be very proud of the recent achievement.”

“This tremendous increase in recycling in our County is a great way to start the new year. I commend the work and efforts of the staff in the County’s Division of Environmental Resources. They’ve endured long hours and received accolades from citizens as well as complaints.  The proof is in the results and this is a win-win for our environment and the county budget. I commend our citizens for their participation and support for this vital program,” Commissioner Vice President Reuben B. Collins, II (District 3).

Commissioner Ken Robinson (District 1) said, “Charles County citizens have repeatedly shown that they are at the forefront of recycling and the latest statistics bear that out. We are always trying to make it easier to recycle by annually expanding the reach of our curbside pick-up to the larger bins we now employ to reduce the trash that ends up in our landfill.”


“I’m really pleased with the increase in the recycling numbers.  This report is good news for everyone in the County, especially the residents,” said Commissioner Bobby Rucci (District 4).


For more information on recycling, visit or call the Charles County Department of Public Works, Environmental Resources Division at 301-932-3599 or 301-870-2778. The landfill and recycling information line is 301-932-5656. Citizens with special needs may contact the Maryland Relay Service at 711, or Relay Service TDD: 800-735-2258.