The Southern Maryland Math Circle program had a special visitor at their Jan. 17 meeting.  Karen Garner, president of research and engineering development, LLC (RED-INC) stopped by the session for much more than a visit – she was there to present a check to the group. 

RED-INC has generously volunteered to sponsor the Southern Maryland Math Circle program, providing funding for the 2015 sessions.  Garner, who serves on The Patuxent Partnership’s Board of Directors, is very familiar with STEM outreach in the community. 

“These programs are so beneficial to our students, providing a unique experience to explore new concepts and apply critical thinking skills,” Garner said. “RED-INC is committed to supporting educational initiatives and we’re happy to be involved in the Math Circle program.”

Dave Aldrich, chief executive officer of RED-INC, echoed Garner’s message.

“We are proud to support initiatives such as Math Circle,” Aldrich said. ‘These programs provide an avenue to engage students in STEM-related areas and help develop interest and continued growth in these fields. These students are our future workforce and we need to mentor and facilitate the learning experience.”  

Southern Maryland Math Circle is a new initiative founded by Dr. David Kung, a math professor at St. Mary’s College of Maryland.  The program is designed to get students excited about mathematics by providing them with a setting that encourages exploration of non-standard mathematical problems rarely taught in standard curriculum. 

“I couldn’t be happier about RED-INC’s decision to sponsor our program.  Knowing that Karen is a SMCM alumna makes the sponsorship even more significant,” Kung said. “A liberal arts education prepares our students to be leaders in their fields – while valuing and supporting the community. RED-INC’s success and generosity exemplifies the St. Mary’s Way.” 

Dr. Kung, a Wisconsin MATHCOUNTS Champion himself, understands the importance of such programs and how they can positively influence students.  According to Kung, “My early experiences with mathematics, including MATHCOUNTS, helped propel me into a career in mathematics. By partnering with RED-INC, the mathematics faculty at SMCM hope to inspire the next generation of STEM students by fostering their innate curiosity and creativity.”

RED-INC is a provider of top level research, engineering, and development services for military weapons systems and war-fighter solutions.  Founded in 1998 RED-INC has provided considerable expertise in Human Systems Integration (HSI) and has supported nearly every aircraft platform program in the Navy’s inventory, as well as many Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) programs.

The Southern Maryland Math Circle program is held monthly at Lexington Park Library from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and open to students in grades 6 – 12 (and interested adults).  This is a free program and all math lovers are welcome.  For more information, visit the Southern Maryland Math Circle website or contact Professor Dave Kung at

Students learn about Topology, the mathematical study of shapes and topological spaces, using Möbius strips made from construction paper.  Dr. Sandy Ganzell, St. Mary’s College of Maryland Math Professor, led the monthly session.