Letter to the editor,

I am pleased with the jury verdict handed down in the civil court case brought against me by Mr. Troy Berry. From the beginning of this case, I knew that my conduct in performing my duties as Sheriff of Charles County was completely in accordance with  the Charles County Code and established Sheriff’s Office policy.

In Charles County, sworn ranks of Captain and above are appointed by the Sheriff, and can be removed with or without cause. Because of Mr. Berry’s knowledge of this policy, it defies understanding why Mr. Berry chose to proceed with this case. He knew full well that it was frivolous, costing the taxpayers of Charles County and the State of Maryland precious tax dollars as well as calling Mr. Berry’s judgment into question.

Further confusing were Mr. Berry’s actions upon assuming the position of Sheriff. In his first week in office, Mr. Berry fired one member and demoted five members of the Sheriff’s Office Command Staff. In other words, Mr. Berry did exactly what he accused me of doing which served as the entire basis of his lawsuit. The following is a quote from his Facebook and website. “ I want to reassure all employee’s that if elected, your career status will not be hindered or affected for supporting a certain political party or opponent.” Mr. Berry’s actions defy logic and demonstrate his questionable judgment and sense of right and wrong.

Mr. Berry waited three years from the date of his demotion to file dozens of false accusations against me in an obvious attempt to shift the focus of the 2014 Sheriffs election away from crime and important issues to gossip and hearsay. He did so knowing that my commitment to the law and acting ethically forbade me from commenting on any aspect of the case. In the end I am satisfied that the facts and truth are out.

Rex W. Coffey

Retired Sheriff of Charles County