Each year, many new talents come into the music industry and become market leaders. However, not all artists have the chance to get recognized and cooperate with label heads. This mostly happens because they don’t know where and how to start. Having a good voice is only half of the deal, and introducing this voice to the world is the critical part. The world is full of magical voices that have never had a chance to commercialize. Consulting with a talent seeker and executive producer is key to this.

Rich Fayden is a consultant and executive producer who dedicated his life to finding new musical talents and connecting them to label heads and managers. Fayden had a hard time entering the music industry and working with record labels. The streets and subways of New York City still remember Fayden’s performances after school. His life is immersed in music.

He has worked with some of the top-tier labels and artists in the world. As he says, “If I felt they had something really special, I contacted them, then went about sending out their links and pitching them to music industry executives I felt might be interested in their music. I was never looking to gain any fame for it; I just did what I could to help get these artists a fair chance to be heard.”

Operating in the music industry since 1996

Dating back to 1996, Rich Fayden had the chance to sign a deal with Atlantic Records, one of the most well-known American record labels at the time. This was the starting point of Fayden’s journey. After signing a new deal with NYCE, Fayden started working with some music stars like Max Martin, Rodney Jerkins, Diane Warren, and Brian Malouf. His record label is currently distributed via Sony/Orchard.

In 2003, a new website called Talent Match changed Fayden’s life forever. The platform was aimed to connect talents with their proper opportunities. Fayden had now decided to bridge the gap between young talented artists and record labels. However, this was not an easy path, and many companies rejected the offers and continued with their old-fashioned methods. Fayden continued his work through the Myspace social network.

After a while, the volume of requests from young artists to work with Fayden rose to such an extent that he had to delete all his contact information from the Internet.

A chance for artists who want to be heard

Reducing the online presence didn’t mean Fayden had stopped promoting young artists’ music and high-quality tracks. To date, he continues to work, introducing young artists and their music to the industry’s top producers through his extensive relationships. What makes Fayden’s work exceptional is that he has been an artist and experienced many difficulties and challenges in his work. He knows the ups and downs of the path.

“I do this mainly because no one ever did it for me. I really want to help get excellent music out there, to help cut through all the clutter and the competition that’s out there now for burgeoning new artists to navigate.”

You can check out Rich Fayden on Instagram here: @richfayden and Twitter here: @richfayden