NORTH POLE — Grownups in high places have gone out of their way to assure kids around the globe that Santa Claus’s Christmas Eve travels will not be affected by COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Australia’s Minister For Health in New South Wales wrote a public letter to Santa, “Mr Claus, I understand you have significant magical powers which allow you to travel the world safely without transmitting COVID-19.”

He did however outline guidelines for Santa and his helpers to use when visiting Australia:

  • All presents will be delivered after bedtime to minimize contact
  • You and your elves maintain 1.5 meters physical distancing should you encounter others
  • If you are unwell, you get a COVID-19 test and isolate right away
  • You and your elves must wash your hands regularly and carry hand sanitizer
  • Wear a mask if you or your elves are ever unable to maintain physical distancing.

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveny also promised, “Santa is coming  and will be exempt from #Covid restrictions on International Travel. However children should be aware that social distancing guidelines should apply to Santa.”

In an interview with USA Today, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that Santa appears to have an “innate immunity” to COVID. 

The same cannot be said for Santa’s helpers working in stores across the nation. Many places have added physical distancing and plexiglass shields to still allow children to speak to Santa about their Christmas list while reducing the threat of spreading the virus. Others have opted for virtual visits with Santa. 

While Santa has the all-clear to travel, the rest of us mere mortals are encouraged to stay home this holiday season.