Pictured (L to R): Quinn Brandt (Santa Kirk’s niece), Santa Kirk, Laci Shifflett (Santa Kirk’s granddaughter) Photo credit: Santa Kirk

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – Calvert Hospice was once again the grateful recipient of donations from Santa Kirk, a local man who raises funds each year by making appearances as Santa Claus. 2020 marked the 2nd year Santa Kirk has donated directly to Calvert Hospice, and he raised $3,615! Santa Kirk has a special place in his heart for hospice since Calvert Hospice took care of a close family member. He states that the hospice team: “Took care of everything for them.” In addition to his fundraiser for Calvert Hospice, Santa Kirk also participated in a fundraiser for Hospice of St. Mary’s at Suttler Post Farm.

Most years, Santa Kirk asks for donations to make personal appearances to homes where families are able to take their own photos. For an hour he will take photos with the children, talk to them about their Christmas lists, and read them a story. He asks families to post their photos on his Facebook page. Over the years, he has made many special memories with children, including some who insist they do not believe in Santa. Santa Kirk always has answers ready for the children who wonder “Where are your reindeer?” and other questions. According to Santa Kirk, “It’s magic when children see Santa,” and “Seeing kids light up when they see Santa warms your heart.”

Due to COVID-19, the fundraiser looked a bit different this year. Santa Kirk still made visits with children at their homes, but he wore either a mask or face shield for safety. He posted a link to Calvert Hospice’s website and encouraged people to donate to the organization directly. He also spent time at the North Beach boardwalk and greeted children who were out with their families. However, even with the restrictions in place, Santa Kirk managed to raise the most money he has raised thus far! One of his favorite memories from this year was helping his niece Quinn Oliver renew her belief in Santa. Before his visit with her, she insisted there was no Santa, but when Santa Kirk pulled her letter to Santa out of his pocket, she believed. It was a special moment for both Quinn and Santa and one that Kirk will cherish forever.

For those looking to book appointments with Santa this year, Santa Kirk recommends booking early through Facebook. A new website will debut at some time this year, so check his Facebook page for updates! Calvert Hospice is so thankful for Santa Kirk’s big heart for hospice and for the children in this community.

We are honored to be chosen for his fundraiser each year.