The Charles County Scholarship Fund, Inc., is offering 38 scholarships to Charles County high school students. Applications for scholarships are available at all county high schools and must be submitted by March 1. 

Applications are also available on the school system Web site,, under the students section, located on the left-hand side of the home page. Click on the Scholarship & College information tab. Students can also contact their school counselor or College & Career Advisor for more information.  

Each scholarship has specific eligibility criteria and information regarding eligibility is located on page two of the application. The following scholarships are available:  

Richard J. Abela Scholarship, $5,000 (for North Point High School students);
Apartments of St. Charles Scholarship, $500;
St. Charles Community Scholarship, $500 (three awards);
Jeremiah and Elijah Borgnis Memorial Scholarship, $500;
Unnae Pak-Borgnis Memorial Scholarship, $500;
Charles County Chamber of Commerce Scholarship, College of Southern Maryland, $1,000;
Charles County Health Department & School Nurses’ Scholarship, $250;
Charles County Retired School Personnel Association Scholarship, $500 (one for each Charles County public high school);
Charles County Teacher Education Assistance Grant Scholarship, $1,000 (renewable);
John H. Cox Memorial Scholarship, $500;
Kate Donahue Memorial Scholarship, $400 (for Henry E. Lackey High School students);
Lisa Michele Duckett Achievement Award, $1,000;
Parker Financial, LLC Financial Literacy Scholarship, $250;
Grote Memorial Scholarship, $500 (for La Plata High School students);
William and Vivian King Scholarship, $1,000;
Thomas Kurtz Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 (for Lackey students);
Harold Allen Levy Scholarship, College of Southern Maryland, $1,000;
Harding Memorial Future Educator Scholarship, $1,000;
Mary Matula Scholarship, $300 (for La Plata students);
Timothy Minor Criminal Justice Memorial Scholarship, $500;
Timothy Minor Memorial Scholarship, $1,000;
Stephen E. Mitchell Educational Scholarship, $500;
Thomas B. R. Mudd Nurse Scholarship, College of Southern Maryland, full two years;
Thomas B. R. Mudd Teacher Scholarship, College of Southern Maryland, full two years;
Mildred Rice O’Callaghan Memorial Scholarship, $500 (two awards, for Lackey students);
Nicole Pitonyak Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 (for North Point students);
Katherine D. Racey Memorial Scholarship, $1,500 (for McDonough or Lackey students);
Edward Rorer Memorial Scholarship, $500 (for Science, Technology & Industry students);
Starkey Memorial Scholarship, $500;
Robert Dean Stethem National Memorial Scholarship, $1,000;
Robert Dean Stethem Thomas Stone Scholarship, $1,000 (for Stone students);
Michael S. Tayman Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 (for McDonough students);
Michael S. Tayman Memorial Nursing Scholarship, $1,000 (for McDonough students);
Professor V. Phillips Weaver Scholarship, $1,000;
Patricia Sugg Weiers Memorial Scholarship, $250;
Woman’s Club of Southern Maryland Scholarship, $500;
Ashley Jayne Younger Memorial Scholarship, $500 (two awards; one for a Westlake student; one for a student at any Charles County public high school); and
Zonta of Charles County Scholarship, $1,000. 

The Charles County S