On Oct. 27,  Calvert County Sheriff’s Deputies and the Calvert Investigative Team responded to Kirksville Lane, Dunkirk for a reported assault.

Upon their arrival they were informed that Ike Brown, 46 of Dunkirk, had been cut by his brother, Walter Brown Jr., 48 of Dunkirk.

Ike Brown had a laceration on his head caused by a utility knife; he was transported to Calvert Memorial Hospital, via Dunkirk Rescue Squad, where he was released after his injury was treated.

Walter Brown Jr. walked out of the woods in the area of the crime scene and was placed under arrest by Dep. Naecker.

Both victim and suspect were highly intoxicated.

The suspect stated that Ike Brown would not stop bothering him.

Walter Brown Jr. was transported to the Calvert County Detention Center.

Upon his arrival he kicked Detention Center Officer Flynt.  Walter Brown Jr. was charged with first-degree assault on Ike Brown and second-degree assault on Officer Flynt, and reckless endangerment.  Brown is being held on $100,000.