LEONARDTOWN, Md. – St. Mary’s County Public Schools will be conducting an Educational Equity Needs Assessment during the next several weeks.  Insight Education Group from Encino, California will be conducting the Needs Assessment. The Needs Assessment will include surveys, virtual focus groups, and a document review of policies, regulations, and practices.

Soon, parents and secondary students will be receiving an electronic survey that will ask them a brief series of questions. The intent of the survey is to gather input directly from families of our students about their experiences and perspectives.

Virtual focus groups will be conducted with parents and students. These focus groups will span all geographic areas and school zones in the county and will provide input opportunities for elementary, middle, and high school families. In addition, focus groups will be conducted with stakeholder groups. Every effort is being made to secure a cross section of stakeholder representation to ensure that all voices are heard. Stakeholder groups will receive an invitation to participate in the coming weeks.

St. Mary’s County Public Schools is committed to addressing equity in our schools and specifically listening to the valuable insights of our families and stakeholders.

For more information, please contact Ms. Adrianne Dillahunt, Education Equity Assurance Coordinator, at 301-475-5511, ext. 32131 or by email at amdillahunt@smcps.org.