HUNTINGTOWN, Md. — Four years ago, a young boy named Garrett Krohnert suffered a major brain injury from a traumatic car accident where his dreams of being a normal kid seemed to disappear in a flash. He could no longer function by himself, let alone play a sport or find lifetime friends. Those became things of imagination for Garrett.

Until he came to Huntingtown High School(HHS) three years ago.

Garrett was welcomed by coach John McGuffin and the golf team with open arms. Although some accommodations were necessary, everyone saw him as a member of the team and their family.

Even though the accident took most of his motor skills, he still kept his knowledge of golf. As time went on, Garrett got some of his motor skills back, and the team noticed.

Once they saw Garrett swinging the golf club, they started pushing for him to join them in a match. Some believed that there was no way Garrett should be able to play, but the team felt otherwise.

“We were like ‘he is hitting the ball and we are following it.’ Then everyone agreed they wanted to see Garrett play in the starting lineup,” Coach McGuffin told “Some would say he is not qualified to play in a match. But we don’t look at it that way. We looked at it as this was an opportunity to do something special for Garrett, which is special for all of us that were witness to it.”

When the day came, Garrett was ready and pushed himself harder than anyone thought he could. Coach McGuffin believed Garrett would only play three or four holes. Instead, he ended up playing all nine holes.

Following that match, the Calvert County Commissioners sent out a proclamation recognizing the Huntingtown High School Golf Team for their sportsmanship. Additionally, the team was recognized by Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans with a Sheriff’s Salute. But the team just saw this as a regular friendly act in good faith for a teammate.

“In our minds, we were doing something that was just good to do,” McGuffin said.

The team was honored in a ceremony and has gotten significant recognition for their acts. But they want everyone to know that this was all about Garrett. Garrett turned his once dreams into a reality, which goes beyond any win or loss.

“Calvert County should be proud,” McGuffin said in a social media post. “This is our future and I believe it is in good hands.”

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