St. Leonard, MD – On Sunday, December 15, 2019, Unmanned Propulsion Development, LLC, (UPD) flew their 2kW hybrid power system aboard their 42 pound, development Part 107 quadcopter for 2 hours, 32 minutes hovering out of ground effect (HOGE), carrying a 4 pound payload at Cove Farm in St. Leonard, MD.

They landed with 3 hours and 40 minutes of fuel remaining on a gusty day. Although not witnessed by an official, this is already 26 minutes longer than the current Guiness World Record for a drone flight. This endurance flight demonstrates that the hybrid engine technology is a significant improvement to battery, and gasoline power for small unmanned vertical systems.

UPD is boot strap start up founded and owned by Matthew Hayes, local
entrepreneur currently located at Chesapeake Ranch Estates Airpark in Lusby,
MD. Matt has 14 years of experience as a small engine developer with large and
small companies. Retired Navy Captain, Tracy Barkhimer, is the UPD Director of
Program Development and Lindsay Digman, Manned Flight Simulator (MFS)
engineer at Pax River Naval Air Station, serves as the FAA Part 107 Chief Drone
Test Pilot. Myles Mayshark, a student at University of Alabama works as an
engineering intern when home. The four met and built relationships through The
Patuxent Partnership (TPP) and SoMd Innovation and Tech (SMIT) and PAXSPACE,
Inc., all nonprofit hubs of innovation connecting the local Southern Maryland

UPD was joined by Alison and Tommy Luginbill (Techport) and Brian Ferguson,
family members of Cove Farm owners.

Keep your eyes and ears open for a 6 hour duration flight from UPD after the