The following employees were recipients of awards for the 2nd Quarter of 2019:

Deputy of the Quarter:

Deputy Richard Forbes (no photo)

Correctional Officer of the Quarter:

Sergeant Jeffrey Knight

Sheriff Tim Cameron and Sgt. Jeffrey Knight


Civilian of the Quarter:

Ms. Laura DeNeale

Sheriff Tim Cameron and Laura DeNeale


Corporal Brian Connelly
Corporal William Rishel
Corporal Scott Ruest
Deputy Tyler Westphal
Ms. Stacey Hancock
Mr. Eric Virts

Sheriff Tim Cameron, Stacey Hancock, and Eric Virts

Sheriff’s Salute:

Sergeant Michael Boyer
Corporal Elizabeth O’Connor
Corporal Sheena Tirpak
Deputy John Fenwick
Deputy Monica Moncivais-Romero
Deputy Shawn Shelko
Correctional Officer Kaitlyn Bobkoskie
Correctional Officer Brianna Edelen
Correctional Officer Jonathan Rosado
Ms. Kelly Crosby
Mr. Jeffrey Kreps

Sheriff Tim Cameron and Sgt. Michael Boyer


Cpl. Elizabeth O’Connor, Sheriff Tim Cameron, and Jeffrey Kreps

Sheriff Tim Cameron and CO Rosado