03/04/21- Matthew Aaron Hall, age 34 of Mechanicsville- Conspiracy to Distribute by DFC. M. Beyer# 319. CASE# 11376-21

Matthew Aaron Hall

03/07/21- Joshua Antoine Miles, age 32 of no fixed address- CDS: Possession- not Marijuana by Dep. Burgess# 355. CASE# 12395-21

Joshua Antoine Miles

03/25/21- Ted William Taylor Jr., age 31 of no fixed address- Armed Robbery, Assault, and Dangerous Weapon Conceal by Cpl. Nelson# 202. CASE# 16061-21

Ted William Taylor Jr.

03/25/21- Sherman Sherwood Stewart, age 34 of Lanham- Violation of Probation by Dep. Mattera# 375. CASE# 16169-21

Sherman Sherwood Stewart

03/25/21- Tercell Javon Blackiston, age 32 of California- Assault 2nd Degree, Burglary 3rd and 4th Degree, Harassment, and Malicious Destruction of Property by Cpl. Kirkner# 133. CASE# 58849-20

Tercell Javon Blackiston

03/26/21- Amanda Ellen Tucker, age 33 of Mechanicsville- Prostitution and CDS: Possession-not Marijuana by Dep. Allebach# 392. CASE# 16361-21

Amanda Ellen Tucker

03/26/21- Antoine Dominique Brooks, age 31 of Huntingtown- Theft and Credit Card/Steal Another’s by Dep. Allebach# 392. CASE# 62094-20

Antoine Dominque Brooks

03/26/21- Dale Levan Waul, age 42 of Lexington Park- Disorderly Conduct by Dep. Palmer# 373. CASE# 16237-21

Dale Levan Waul

03/26/21- Aaron Matthew Powers, age 38 of California- Driving/Attempting to Drive Vehicle Under the Influence by Dep. Allebach# 392. CASE# 16334-21

Aaron Matthew Powers

03/27/21- Terrence Antonio Queen, age 38 of Lexington Park- Fugitive From Justice/Fail to Register as Sex Offender by Dep. Allebach# 392. CASE# 16534-21

Terrence Antonio Queen

03/28/21- Vanessa Irene Berry, age 24 of Lexington Park- Fail to Display License, Driving While Suspended, and Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle by Cpl. Connelly# 151. CASE# 16707-21

Vanessa Irene Berry

03/30/21- Carol Marie Thompson, age 33 of Callaway-Failure to Appear/Harass: Course of Conduct, Electronic Communication Harassment, and Telephone Misuse by Cpl. Pesante# 153. CASE# 17165-21

Carol Marie Thompson

03/33/21- William Joseph Blankenship Jr., age 35 of Elkton- Violation of Probation by Dep. Allebach# 392. CASE# 17338-21

William Joseph Blankenship Jr.