I’m retired Marine Lt Col Steve Waugh, and it’s sad to see Senator Dyson throw away his integrity in desperation to keep his job. False personal attacks are why many good people don’t run for office, but all he has left when his failed policies bring nothing but debt and taxes.

If Dyson was interested in the truth, he’d know I filed the paperwork to setup a company, but never did any business – because I got a great job offer from Johns Hopkins.

Only a liberal would want a small business to pay income tax on zero income.
As his personal attacks continue, remember that I have a government background investigation. Ask yourself: if this was true would they give Steve Waugh a security clearance?

Roy Dyson doesn’t think rules apply to him any longer. Does it bother you that Dyson can see your tax returns if he doesn’t like you?

So I ask: can you trust him?

Since Roy obviously has unresolved issues, I challenge him to one last debate – webcast live – if he has the courage of his convictions.

I’m Steve Waugh, and I authorized this message.

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