Kimberly Dawn Stone

Great Mills, MD – A St. Mary’s County woman is being held without bond, charged with child abuse. The accused—identified in court documents as Kimberly Dawn Stone, 25 of Great Mills, was served a criminal warrant Oct. 1 by the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office. The victim was identified as a 5-year-old boy and the defendant’s son.

In documents on file in District Court, Cpl. Shaun Carberry stated the child’s father contacted police after learning that the boy had been bound with zip ties and gagged with duct tape while in Stone’s custody Sept. 29. According to the victim’s father, Stone “had used zip-ties on the victim as punishment for his behavior,” Carberry stated. “Defendant Stone has primary physical care and custody of the victim.” Later, during the evening of Sept. 29, the victim’s father “observed marks left by the zip-ties on the victim’s wrists and ankles,” Carberry stated. “I observed red ligature marks on the victim’s wrists and ankles which were consistent with the usage of zip-ties. The injuries were still visible when I made contact with him.” The victim also told his father that Stone “had also used silver duct tape to tape his mouth shut.”

Carberry stated the child sustained physical injury “as a result of discipline which was cruel and inhumane. The defendant’s treatment of the victim threatened his health and welfare.”

Stone was charged with one count of second-degree abuse of a child in custody, which is a felony; and second-degree assault. A second bond hearing will be held Oct. 18 in District Court. A preliminary hearing in District Court on the charges is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 7. Stone is being represented by public defender Maria C. Doerflinger.

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