Charles County Public Schools is expanding the grade reporting feature of Blackboard/Edline to all 21 elementary schools this school year. Edline is a web-based portal that parents can use to view their child’s school records such as classroom assignments, attendance and grades. Elementary school parents will now be able to view their child’s grades and academic progress online through Blackboard/Edline.

To access grades and other student-specific information, parents must log in to the system using a registered account. Elementary school parents who have not registered for a Blackboard/Edline account will need to obtain an activation code at their child’s school. Photo identification is required for any parent or guardian to receive an account activation code. Account activation codes will only be given by school staff in person and cannot be distributed electronically by e-mail.

To activate an account, visit and enter the code received at your child’s school. Follow the steps to activate your account and set up access to your child’s personalized information, including grades.

Charles County Public Schools launched Blackboard/Edline in 2010 and first offered the feature of electronic grade reporting for middle and high school students and parents. At that time, elementary school report cards were printed on carbon copy paper and were not completed electronically. Last school year, the school system updated elementary school report cards to include more detailed information on student progress. As part of the update, teachers also began to complete report cards electronically.

Each school also maintains a Blackboard/Edline page for their individual school that features school news and parent information. Pages are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Contact your child’s school for additional information on obtaining a Blackboard/Edline account activation code. All school web pages can be accessed from the school system website at

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