As the sun came down and the moon came up, shining over Solomon’s Island, the crowds of people were at the bar more than ever.  The enjoyment of the Tiki Bar has not died down but only grown. 

Going on throughout the entire night has been the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America fundraising initiative that benefits the lives of children in need of adult guidance.  Specific barrels have been placed in certain Tiki Bar areas to recycle cans that are used by the patrons. 

The Tiki opening weekend is planned to bring huge amounts of money towards the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.  The fundraisers overall goal is set for $5,000 and it costs 1,000 dollars to match one child per year. 

The bar is lit up with many lights strung all across the buildings, providing a true party atmosphere.  Photos are being taken throughout the night of many different groups of friends and family as they enjoy the night.  So although the sky is dark, all around the Tiki Bar is bright and full of people.  Tiki Bar event staff continues to resupply the bar and drink vendors with fresh ice and new trash bags.

Almost directly across the bar itself, the Badfish Dock Bar and Grille is also open and welcome for people, having many bands play throughout the night such as Shallow Deep and HydraFX.