Visit the National Colonial Farm at Piscataway Park and immerse yourself in Green History!  Green History is a new interpretive program that connects a contemporary sustainability issue to its colonial equivalent. This fall, the Accokeek Foundation interpretive staff will be tackling the very important issue of food waste in America by looking at how we’ve gone from a society of self-sufficiency and food preservation to having 50% of what’s produced to feed us become landfill waste.

The program includes a composting bicycle, late 18th century food preservation techniques (apple butter, drying, storing, stews), and a completely immersive experience with actors portraying 18th century characters living on a typical Southern Maryland tobacco farm. This program is open to all ages.

Green History runs weekends on the farm from 10 am – 4 pm, with new exhibits and interpretive themes March through December. There is no admission fee for the site.

Upcoming Green History Weekend Schedule:
Food Waste:
September 12 – October 17
Energy Conservation:
October 24 – December 6