Hollywood, MD— “We are definitely committed to the community, Tom (President) grew up here, we have been in Southern Maryland for over three hundred years,” said Evin Hodges who is the marketing manager at Tom Hodges Auto Sales. ‘

It is hard to miss all the action that is going on at Tom Hodges Auto Sales. A new building has appeared, a new line of cars, but one thing that has not changed is the experience you will have at Tom Hodges Auto Sales. 

Hodges explained, “Complete customer satisfaction is our number one goal, providing top-quality vehicles and services at competitive prices.”  

Tom Hodges provides top-quality vehicles, and with the recent Mitsubishi addition to their inventory has many different options for buyers of all kinds. 

“The pricing of the Mitsubishi models is not a huge leap from what people  would pay for a used car, so its an assessable option for a lot of people,” said Hodges. 

When Hodges was asked about the grand opening of their new building, he responded, “we plan on having a hard opening sometime in the middle of November.” 

If readers would like to learn more about Tom Hodges Auto Sales and/or the Mitsubishi auto line please refer to the link below. 


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